Rumor: Next-gen Gran Turismo leaked?


Gran Turismo is the Playstation bestseller, the Real Driving Simulator for some people and an arcade racing for others. Live is balance.

Polyphony Digital is already working on PS4, according the rumor, the last week Polyphony Digital employees were seen in L.M. Gianetti, Italy. Gianetti is home to special cars, prototypes and limited editions. Polyphony has worked with the Italians before; do you remember the Alfa Romeo 155 Touring Car? It’s a Gianetti’s car. Very famous since it first appeared in Gran Turismo 2.

Polyphony staff was taking photos and scanning cars, someone in Gianetti uploaded some pictures to Facebook. The album was called ‘’ Scanning for Gran Turismo PS4’’, soon afterwards, the album was renamed and lately has been deleted.

I have gathered together pictures published on Neo-GAF and NowGamer from the quoted Facebook’s album, now deleted.

Thanks, NowGamer & Neo-GAF

  • Stirling

    Just for the record: Gran Turismo is no arcade racer, not even close.

    I just did some hotlapping with my brother yesterday in Gran Tursimo 5. He drives online races in iRacing every week, uses Fanatech Clubsport wheel and pedals together with a triple screen setup. Everytime we do some hotlapping, he is suprised how well the driving physics in GT5 work. In his eyes, it’s absolutely on par with PC sims except for two things: Slipstream and tire model. That’s okay since there is no single sim out there that does everything right. Every sim has its flaws, even iRacing in which the grip level of the tyres is completely wrong at the beginning of your stint.

    The only thing he really dislikes: GT5 doesn’t allow you to “feel” the tires through you wheel. A real race driver feels his tires with his butt (no joke) but since most people don’t have a real oil pressure simulator, PC sims use the force feedback in the wheel to compensate for it. GT5 doesn’t, which makes it more realistic, but it also makes you slower. My brother also said that you can only recognize the difference with high-end peripherals, like the ones he uses, anyway. Most people won’t mind.

    So again: GT5 ist absolutely on par with PC sims when it comes to driving physics but it lacks some precision in the force feedback which will make driving with high end peripherals harder (I guess that’s why GT5 shows you the tire indicator on the left bottom of the screen). It’s a real racing sim combined with an arcade leveling system. Deal with it.

    So if you’re a huge fan of the Gran Turismo series: Don’t mind the haters. Enjoy your ride. It’s worth it.

    • $1617582

      You just contradicted yourself, you admitted the tire model is off and yet claim that it’s on par with PC sims.

      Both Forza and GT are great 90% of the way but fall in differing aspects (Forza’s suspension modelling is off IMO, but tire model is great; GT has great suspension modelling but tire model seems primitive). There’s more to it, as you mentioned the SlipStream has been adjusted in patches but still off.

      So they’re great, but still that doesn’t mean they are on par with PC sims. I wouldn’t call Forza or GT arcade games, but some people can’t handle the wonky suspension in Forza and write off the entire title, and some people do that with GT because of its inferior-to-everything-released-post-2005 tire model. So I’d argue that sometimes they aren’t living up to what they’re advertised to be.

  • hinduforlife

    Fucking arcade my arse