Rumor: Nintendo NX will use Android-based OS


According to a report from Japanese newspaper NikkeiNintendo’s next platform, codenamed NX, will run on an Android-based operating system.

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Allegedly, Nikkei has an insider source that claims that Nintendo decided to use an Android OS on Nintendo NX when the company realized that third parties were abandoning Wii U irremediably. Therefore, the company expects to embrace a more open platform with Android, allowing developers more flexibility in making content that could also be launched on smartphones and tablets.

Via | NeoGaf

  • It is most likely that we won’t even notice the NX running on Android because it will have a cleverly designed front end. It will also give them the chance to make an online service that will finally be up to par with the likes of PSN and Xbox Live and it will let their games to easily transcend from console to mobile and viceversa, so this is a cool thing and purists shouldn’t complain.