Rumor: Nintendo will allow cross-play with other consoles and devices.


Ripstone creative director and co-founder Phil Gaskell has stated that Nintendo has given permission for cross-platform play between the Wii U and other consoles and devices.

“We’re launching Pure Chess and Knytt Underground later this year, and on Pure Chess we asked whether we could do cross-platform multiplayer, expecting it to be the typical closed console platform I’ve been used to working with for 20 years”

“Within a couple of days they said, ‘yep, no problem. You can have other console players playing against Wii U players. You can have smartphone players play against them. No problem.’

Gaskell, though, said the feature isn’t yet locked in for Pure Chess as Sony still has to answer positively, but he doesn’t expect any problem:

“We’re still talking to Sony about them relaxing their policies, but we don’t think they’ll have any issue with it. So when we launch Pure Chess you’ll be able to play against Wii U, 3DS, iOS and Android players. And when we patch PlayStation those consoles will be added into the mix as well”

knytt 600x337 Rumor: Nintendo will allow cross play with other consoles and devices. | VGLeaks 2.0

If this idea goes on we could see in the future cross-platform play between each console manufacturers systems, since Sony has been open about cross-play with most other platforms and Microsoft is beginning to explore mobile connectivity.

Thanks, VG247.

  • True Radiant Free

    This has already been known, there is a game with Cubes, I don’t know if its called Qubemen, Cubemen, Qube, or something like that, that was already announced a few months ago that Wii U supports playing multiplayer with iOS, Android, XB, PS players.

    • Maynard_VGL

      Yes, Cubemen 2 allowed cross-play between the Wii U and and iOS, Linux, Mac and PC versions, but now we are also talking about Nintendo allowing cross-play with rival consoles.

  • Narutooo

    That must be bidirectional, because I’d be rather weird to have users of one platform being able to create games that the other platform’s users can see but not the other way around.