Rumor: Orbis will be out November, two models and Premium online service


More rumors, more Kotaku, more Orbis. I’m going to sum up their article:


    • Out: November (USA Market). Obvious, Black Friday and Thanksgiving say hello to PS4.
    • Two models: $429 and $529.

ko 2 600x337 Rumor: Orbis will be out November, two models and Premium online service | VGLeaks 2.0

    • Remote play: Control Orbis with your phone or other mobile devices.
    • Premium Online Service: Some online features could require a new type of premium payment service. Analogous to Xbox Live. The service will be called Playstation World and it’d replace PS Plus.
    • PS Eye: Will come along with every PS4. That’s not new, we had already spoken in VGleaks about this.
    • Share button: We had already spoken about it.
    • Led light Orbis controller: PS Move integrated?

kotaku 600x337 Rumor: Orbis will be out November, two models and Premium online service | VGLeaks 2.0


Rumors are rumors and everything could change.

Thanks, Kotaku.

  • xXx

    “Rumors are rumors and everything could change.”

    Oh, yes, but curiously you never said the same for Durango rumors…

    • Mr.X

      Haha. It
      has been a coincidence. If you want to know my opinion:

      Durango: I don’t want to believe in three points: Kinect 2 with the console, always online and no second-hand. Our documents have confirmed the first two points, but not the last one. Moreover, we have spoken with a Microsoft insider and that person confirmed the always online feature too.

      Orbis: I’m not interested in PS Eye + PS Move technology. Regarding the Kotaku leak, I guess PS World is going to be an upgrade PS Plus, but if I have to pay for play online, fuck them. However, like I said PS World could be an improve PS Plus
      with more features. If they keep the price, I won’t have any complain.

  • spikeysyco81

    i read rumour rumour rumour, i see horizontaly curved R2 and L2 buttons, hmmmmm, this pad looks nice, not sure on the d-pad tho……….. 1st comment, woohhoo

    • Mr.X

      The D-pad seems to be a copy and paste for the PS Vita one. I like that type of D-Pad, works fine with arcade games.

      • spikeysyco81

        i haven’t used the vita so i’ll have to wait to see, i think tho that over-all the pad looks great, its a shame there isn’t a screen on the pad as i think it could be used a an inventory and weapon selection screen on the FPS titles and RPG’s, you could pretty much move a lot of HUD items away off screen to the touch screen as i have allways felt a HUD on screen takes away from the realism of most games

  • Justin Latendress

    i hope not with the online servie i love the way playstation 3 online servie is right now for xbox 360 to play online you need to pay some cash but for the ps3 its put the disk in and play wanna go online thats up to the publisher or devolper i.e online access code basicly if i have to pay for online i probly just wont play online