Rumor: Sony could not produce as many PS4 as they expected in 2013


Time ago we published an article about this topic. Sony expected to deliver 16 million of PS4 for the year 2013. Of course we are speaking about a fiscal year; this is since the console will be out until April 2014. We know Sony, very well, they never have been able to sell their products in the three markets at the same time. Always the Europeans have had to wait for their Playstations, now with PS4 the story seems to be the same.

Digitimes reported that Sony could have decreases their expectations, because the supply chain hasn’t still received instructions for the shipment from the Japan-based vendor. Obviously a delay in the process is a feasible explanation.

Thanks, Digitimes.

  • I don’t think Sony has ever launched a console without supply chain issues. I remember seeing PS3’s going for a couple thousand on Ebay 7odd years ago. Better get those pre-orders in if you want one before xmas.

  • OneManLaptop

    I struggle to believe they had plans to sell 16 million units this year, calendar or fiscal. That would be an order of magnitude above that sold by any console in history.