Rumor: Squads coming back to Battlefield 4

Last year, DICE -Battlefield developer- confirmed that Squads, a feature originally present in Battlefield 3, would not be reintroduced in Battlefield 4:

[We are] not offering the old squad join feature because [we] didn’t feel that the feature in Battlefield 3 was on par with the quality that [we] wanted to offer our players”

Squads allowed players to squad up with teammates before a match, making it easier to enter a game on the same team and in the same squad.

Well, Squads may be actually returning to the saga. Reddit user xSty86, took some screen caps from his PlayStation 3 console showing a Squads (Beta) in the main multiplayer menu. Take a look:




“First picture:

    • Quick Match
    • Squad Access
    • Server-Browser (obviously)
    • Test Range

Second picture:

Squad Access Lobby

Active squads by friends – – – Player

    • New Squad
    • No squads with friends available

Create a squad so your friends can join you to play together.

Back – Select – Refresh

Seen on PS3, obviously.”

Stay tuned.

Source | Reddit

Via | MP1st