Rumor: Steam Box announcement coming next week


Gabe Newell, the co-founder and managing director of Valve, has made some interesting comments while delivering a keynote at LinuxCon in New Orleans.

Newel has stated that Linux will play a big role in the future of gaming, something that, obviously, may seem complicated: Linux gaming generally accounts for less than one percent of the market. We all know that Valve is trying to change this scenario; they brought Steam to Linux in February and promised to unveil a Linux-based device, more popularly known as ‘Steam Box’, in order to compete against mainstream consoles. In fact, lately Valve has been improving the Steam software to work better on TVs.

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The company has not provided much information about Steam Box during all this time. Many thought that they finally canned the project but, at LinuxCon, Newell hinted at an announcement next week:

“Next week we’re going to be rolling out more information about how we get there and what are the hardware opportunities we see for bringing Linux into the living room”

Gabe also remarked the importance of bringing Steam to Linux:

Bringing Steam to Linux was a signal for our development partners that we really were serious about this Linux thing we were talking about

Stay tuned, next week could be very interesting.

Here comes a new challenger (?)

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  • nitro_feen

    I know everone loves steam and valve. Heck I think valve makes great games and steam is good too but After listening to him speak the other day all I could thik of is this guy is just trying to kiss gamers asses. All this talk about users beating developers talk. What a bunch of PR propaganda bull. He knows the biggest thing pcs and steam have going over consoles is the mod community . So hes trying to kiss their butts to keep them loyal and not dive into next gen consoles. He is createing a steam box for one reason only. to improve steams market share. Pc games with the exception of maybe indies just dont come close to console sales.

    • eonvee375

      but at the same time he gives us what we want… gaming on linux! … you people only like to complain arentcha? ^^

      • nitro_feen

        what who wants. A small fraction of gamers. most steam gamers wil continue to use windows. KI also will bet money that the next steam box is a custom amd apu lol. I just dont see how they can keep the price down and keep perfomance levels good. Unless gamers now want a underpowered pc just b/c its got steams name on it. Thats why they ditched the piston. price was way to high and it sucked. I also think its funny that they acted like they didnt know the details until the very end. by the way sony already brought linux into the living rooms . it was such a greeat business decision that they just had to can it.

        • eonvee375

          im not even a steam user, i used Windows 99% of the time.
          But i believe SteamOS has it chances to bring Linux Gaming to PC.
          As i understand we all already have our steamBox (aka PCs)… that way hardware is really up to a user
          (and consols wont dictate anymore, by their always outdated hardware, what kind of graphics PCs should have, thats always a + in my book ^^);
          And as you said, that is always up to a person to choose what fits more; windows/mac/linux/consols will always exist and im fine with that, im not a spec racist ^^