Rumor: Tales of Hearts R may be coming to the West

According to info provided by some GameStop employees, Tales of Hearts R may be coming to the West.

Tales of Hearts R is a PS Vita remake of the original Tales of Hearts for Nintendo DS.

The game, listed as “Tales of Heart”, has been added to GameStop’s printed pre-order list and to their computer database.

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Of course, take this with loads of salt. Namco Bandai has not commented this rumor and never indicated any interest in localizing the title, but it’s worth noting that Tales of Hearts R was the most mentioned game during Sony Computer Entertainment’s #JRPGVita campaign.

Via | NeoGafAC

  • fatdog21

    Thats cool. I personally not a “Tales of” type of guy but its great to see some of the games that were talk about like ” Tales of” and Borderlands 2 finally making there way to vita. Now likes get that ff type 0 and bioshock vita rolling lol.

    • Maynard_VGL

      Personally, I think FF Type-0 would vastly help PS Vita performance in the West…