Rumor: Video Sharing, new friends system and enhanced achievements for Durango


Its official, Microsoft will present its Durango/new Xbox in May 21. That day rumors will become reality (some ones). Polygon has new details for Durango, like you can reckon, the machine will share some aspects with PS4. Alike in some parts, sworn enemies in others:

  • Video Sharing: Capture and share your videos through Ustream and Facebook. This system will allow the player to configure this tool under different parameters. You will be able to turn it on/off or record some certain moments. Moreover, this system will work like a DVR, so, you can record everything and just select certain moments to share, the highlights of your game.
  • Achievements: Once the games hit the shelves, the publishers will be able to add more achievements. This function could change slightly the players behavior.
  • Xbox Live: Microsoft wants to improve this service to get a better align with Facebook or Twitter. Forget the friends cap, this time you can choose to follow whoever you want. Xbox Live meets Twitter.


We want to stand out these points; we keep our word about the always online. Durango won’t need internet connection to run games or apps (Games & Apps that you can run without internet, obviously).

Thanks, Gematsu.

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  • fistsofjustice

    Well it didn’t take them long to rip off sony did it?

    • wint3rmute

      Lol, these things are in development long before they know what each other is doing. They are both huge companies with tons of cash into market research. Video sharing and youtube are way more popular than they were 7 years ago.

      Think before you speak.

      • Jeff Pee

        I wish more gamers would have this mentality. You don’t just R&D something in a month. Now, I just wish this sentiment is shared when Sony revealed things. But, it’s not. People pick a side and critisize other.

        I think most people are level headed, this time toward this development. Would the reaction have been the same if the roles were reversed?

        • wint3rmute

          I’m sure the reaction would be the same actually.

          @fistsofjustice, I came to this article from polygon actually. “Coming up with the system” does not mean someone is just now sitting down with a notebook to start the UX design process. It means they are in the process of coding it in order to best deliver it, which I guarantee you Sony is also doing right now.

          Besides, video sharing and uploading is not some new innovation from Sony, my phone does it, my pc does it, my tablet does it etc…

          Again, both companies have been thinking about this for years, Sony just had their presser first.

      • fistsofjustice

        Read the original article on Polygon it states “Microsoft is also trying to come up with a system for video sharing though all of the details are still being locked down. According to our sources, currently the next Xbox will capture your gameplay as if it were a DVR, allowing you to go back and select highlights. That function can be turned on or off, or a player can set up the console to automatically capture a recording when certain in-game events occur, like a headshot or collecting a specific achievement. Auto capturing those “magic moments” will be a feature only available on next-gen games.”
        They are rushing to include the feature because they saw Sony do it first. So yeah they did rip off Sony.

    • Fluffy

      It’s entirely possible that Sony held its meeting when it did to steal a march on what it knew MS was working on. After all, they did say they wanted MS to go first this time, and then hurriedly announced the event.

      Companies like people to think they thought of an idea, when typically they were just first to talk about it. Such is business.

  • fistsofjustice

    So what happens to their customers who don’t have internet connections? Sorry but Msoft just screwed you over!

    • N2O1990

      Did you even read the article?

      • fistsofjustice

        Yes I did. It states the console will require an internet connection to function. So even if you play a single player game without always on DRM the console will still need an internet connection to work. Not all games will connect to the internet but that will be irrelevant because the console has to.

        • Fluffy

          No, that these features alone require always on. It’s likely the console and games have no such need, but systems like Live and the DVR functionality, as well as sharing media, will obviously need the internet connection.

        • N2O1990

          …The hell?

          “We want to stand out these points; we keep our word about the always online. Durango won’t need internet connection to run games or apps (Games & Apps that you can run without internet, obviously).”

          What’s the point to mentioned that if they need online to boot up?if it’s like you said everything will require online even it’s for a few second.

          That’s what the article said,they said twice it won’t require online

        • amnesia

          Not sure if trolling or just stupid.

  • PlayStation 4

    Highly unimpressive.

    • wint3rmute

      All of your comments consist of WWE and posting negative stuff on durango articles. Obv troll is obv.

      • Guest

        He’s a member of the Sony Defense Force, just ignore him.