Rumor: Visceral Games is working on a Battlefield game, police theme, due out this year

handcuffs police lights

We published an article time ago about Visceral Games and Battlefield. Apparently, Visceral Games could be working on a Battlefield game, aside the DICE ones. We got more info from this project published in Polygon:

Electronic Arts earlier this week let go of their contractors at the office and told full-time staffers they could either take compensation and leave or continue working in the office to support work on Visceral’s rumored police-themed Battlefield title, code-named Havana. Sources say Havana is due out later this year.

If we recap, we would have a new Battlefield game made by Visceral Games and this product would have a police theme. Havana would reach the shelves this year. More important than this is an indirect confirmed fact: Battlefield could annualize with this release (everything points out in that direction).

I suppose we are going to have one Battlefield per year, one made by Visceral and the other one for the next year by DICE. EA is going to copy the Activision way of business.

Thanks, Polygon.

  • Glass

    Nice always wanted a cop game…

  • bf4_disapointed

    Twice the bugs.. fix bf4 first !

  • Jeebus

    Not another “25 to Life” that game went down in flames.

  • The only new battlefield game we need is Bad Company 3.

    • Nathan Rodriguez

      we need Battlefield 1944. with BC2 Destruction. makes sense as WW2 had massive destruction.

  • TBC

    The day Battlefield became COD

  • Ran Foxymagicks Cooper

    Does anyone else see a less hardcore Counter Strike?

  • Great, this marks the beginning of the end for EA… Electronic Assholes.