Rumor: Will Kinect 2.0 use visual DRM? (Xbox One)


These days I have read a lot of forums, if Microsoft did the same, they should change their business with Xbox One. They are on time yet, gamers are a ‘’little bit disappointed’’ with this new console. MCV has published an interesting article upon Kinect 2.0 and its supposed DRM. Short answer: Yes, they are going to monopolize your activities (some). Don’t fuck in front of Kinect 2.0. XD

Last November, ExtremeTech reported that MS had patented a new technology for Kinect 2.0. This tool could monitor the number of viewers in the room. If this number of viewers exceeds the viewers permitted by the license, the system could invite (oblige) the user to pay an additional fee to upgrade the license. We could sum up this function with this sentence:

The users consuming the content on a display device are monitored so that if the number of user-views licensed is exceeded, remedial action may be taken.

You only buy one license; therefore, you should pay to extend it. The patent is old, but MCV has confirmed that this system will be implemented on Xbox One.
We could figure out too many scenarios for this tool or other applications. For instance: Could the system block content for viewers over 18 if a minor is watching this sort of content? It could.

Microsoft has answered MCV and it claims the following:

Microsoft regularly applies for and receives patents as part of its business practice; not all patents applied for or received will be incorporated into a Microsoft product.

Thanks, MCV.

  • Soulseller

    I can see the Kinect being used by Microsoft to collect viewing data
    (i.e. number of people watching, are they looking away/talking, even
    arousal level/heart rate) to sell to advertisers and TV companies. This
    would be another reason why the once every 24HR check in would be
    necessary. A Microsoft executive has already said biometric data
    collected would be used for research and development purposes but would
    not be individually identifiable.

    • Nathan O

      research and development yes, but not for the things you’re talking about. Not saying it couldn’t or won’t happen but selling your personal information to the highest bidder isn’t MSFT’s business model, you’re thinking of Google.

      • Soulseller

        Microsoft is in direct competition with Google and directed advertising is a revenue stream they are no doubt looking to tap into. “And for it (Kinect) to recognise that it’s you and to tailor your experience and
        your favourites and your recommendations around you and your personality”- Phil Harrison, Microsoft corporate vice-president. 22 May 2013 to Eurogamer

        • Nathan O

          The difference is that this isn’t MS primary business model and if they jumped into this strategy with both feet they would strongly alienate their core customers. And the quote you provided from Harrison doesn’t support your point, this is one of the selling features of the X1. It knows you, it knows what you like and can intuitively predict what you were planning on doing when you turn on the X1 so you can spend less time hunting for content through pages and pages of menus. Just because a device can and does collect information does not mean a company will exploit that information for their own financial gains. And I’d just like to quickly point out that you carry two microphones and two camera’s in your pocket almost everywhere you go and it is always connected.

          • Soulseller

            Microsofts business model is anything that will enable them to compete against Apple and Google. Bing, hardware, phones, television programmes,none of these used to be their business model. “It knows you, it knows what you like” This is exactly it. In the digital age information is the commodity. Advertisers will pay to get their adverts seen by people interested in their products, Microsoft will ‘recommend’ these products to you based on the information they have collected from your viewing and browsing habits. Kinect has the potential to make the quality of this information so much richer, just because you find a feature useful doesn’t mean that money isn’t being made from it. A business that doesn’t exploit its commodities for financial gain is a charity. A lot
            more is going on in my living room than in my pockets! 🙂

  • ike

    this is why i put duct tape over the camera and pierce the mic with a needle i dont even use kinect

    • Derek King

      Then your console won’t work. The kinect HAS TO BE constantly connected and functioning in order to use your “lack-of-sex-because-we-are-watching-you box”

      • Nathan O

        plugged in yes… Still don’t know if you can through a piece of cardboard in front of the sensor.

      • Elem187

        Fine. I’ll point the Kinect to a picture of a family of 4 sitting on the couch. And not a real family mind you, one of those fake family photos that come inside of a picture frame you just bought….

        Ahh who am I kidding, I’m not buying either Sony nor Microsoft’s 8th gen box. My PC will run circles around them… the exclusives on $ony/M$ are way too generic to buy proprietary hardware for.

  • Ex-NSA

    its a data miner and surveillance device, i heard FBI, Homeland Security and NSA have implemented a backdoor – they can spy

  • bickle2

    This is a tool to sell early movie rentals, to guarantee that people are only viewing it with a limited number of people

  • Thomper

    I am not at all bothered about kinect always being on… What are some of u guys up to in your homes – fucking kids???