Rumor: Xbox 720 teaser picture leaked on Twitter account (Updated: fake?)

logo next xbox

Updated: We had played with that possibility and the picture could be a fake. A Neo-GAF user has uploaded (TheNamelessOne) the following picture:

logo fake Rumor: Xbox 720 teaser picture leaked on Twitter account (Updated: fake?) | VGLeaks 2.0

If you noticed the letters are skews, not in line. I am sorry, I didn’t notice it in the first time. Follow the story in this Neo-GAF thread, there are more theories about the perspective and theories about the legit of this pict. The more I see the picture, the more I think is a fake, I am going to finish crazy with all this.


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Twitter is the new way to get and discover leaks, the tool can guarantee your position as anonymous, only if you want. A convincing picture of the next Xbox logo has posted on Twitter nine days ago (March 16).

Microsoft realized an exclusive event in the first days of March, we have already spoken on VGleaks about this special event only for special guest. This picture could be taken there or maybe is only a fake.

The logo seems legit, the design is a little bit poor, although is simple, follows the line with this type of works.

logo next xbox1 Rumor: Xbox 720 teaser picture leaked on Twitter account (Updated: fake?) | VGLeaks 2.0

‘’Introducing a new way to play’’, Interesting.

Thanks, BobExoX Twitter account.

PS: Microsoft could present the Next-Xbox in April.

  • Looks like a horrible new logo and an off screen shot with a camera. Anyone could replicate this. However, if that’s the new logo… Microsoft, fire that person.

  • hon

    lol what a cheap fake

  • gaf

    You didn’t find that picture. Learn to give credit.

    • MrX_VGL

      I don’t know who has discovered the picture, if you know, I don’t have any problem to mention him in the article. Many places have written about this picture, who was the first? Moreover this news has a source in the end, the Twitter account that uploaded the picture.

  • jacked up

    Perspective on wording at bottom is not the same as the “xbox”. Doesn’t take a genious to spot a fake like this. Com’on lads you can do better than this surely.

    • Guest

      Actually you’ve got that entirely wrong. When a photograph of a 2d object is taken at an angle rather than straight on, the top of the image will slant down, and the bottom of the image will slant up, along the perspective lines. Like in this image:

      Here’s a real world example of someone taking a picture of a poster on the wall from an angle.

      Notice how the top of the frame angles down, while the “Batman” writing angles up. I’m not saying that this logo leak is real, but your reason for claiming it’s fake is entirely false.

    • shandy706

      It doesn’t have to be…if the lense is small (camera phone) and centered between the two lines being photographed.

      I don’t think it’s real either, but it doesn’t take a genius to know how cameras and perspective actually works. Especially the tiny phone camera lenses of today. I can easily emulate the perspective just typing two lines of text with a bit of distance between them.

  • jacked up

    Although it would help my case if I could spell genius

  • pepess

    new way to play

    KIKECT 2

  • Even if the top Xbox wording is off, the bottom word Xbox still isn’t… so if it’s a real screen of something related to the xbox, the logo image must have some sort of relevance.

    But seriously, I pray that this is NOT real…the Xbox is not a broken penis

  • shandy706

    Well I typed some text up higher in photoshop, then typed some a little lower. Taking a picture with a camera on a smart phone I got the similar “angles” as the above. I think the guy trying to discredit this doesn’t understand perspective or the angle the shot could have been taken at. It’s most likely taken to the left and up close…obviously. If the lens falls about center you get the same effect where the upper text and lower text appear to fall at different angles to the right. It’s caused by the small lens and view distance.

    I think it’s fake, but the “explanation” for why it’s fake (above) is stupid.

    • MrX_VGL

      Great work Shandy706. Your explanation is very interesting, gives another point of view.

      Thanks so much.

    • Playmoo

      Correct, like i said.

    • Kyle Morris

      This guy is exactly right. this is exactly what I thought when i saw the image with the angles marked. It neither proves nor disproves whether or not the image is fake. the angles shown are entirely possible.

  • playmoo

    Can also be a distortion from the camera lense. But even with that i think it’s a fake

  • blackhawk556

    Microsoft is moving all their logos to something similar to modern UI. Straight lines and angled logos. Look at the windows logo, office, PowerPoint, Excel, word, and look at this one. Round edges and nothing “Modern” about it. Fake!

  • Svengoolie

    This is very clearly a picture taken of a screen. I’m not saying it isn’t fake, but acting like the tilted text is evidence against it is incredibly stupid. That’s what happens when you take pictures… and that’s why the text at the bottom is cut off.

  • Joe Haley

    That guy must be working with Robert Hill, who owns his store where Robert Hill is the owner. Robert Hill does steal Hard Drives from other people`s game system, when he fixes the xbox 360 Game systems

  • AAAA

    what does it say at the bottom?

  • apricot

    I think that’s too coarse to be a fake.

  • I still wouldn’t say wether it’s real or not… but from an optical point of view, I don’t see a problem. It’s called “vanishing point”, and it gets accentuated with wide angle lenses, which cellphones usually have.

  • Shaggs138

    Looks like it is prolly an image from a powerpoint presentation on some sort of overhead projector on one of those old pull down white screens.