Rumor: Xbox One to get external HDD support soon


External HDD support may be coming to Xbox One sooner than we thought.

An anonymous Xbox One developer posted on Reddit the following:

xbox one external hdd 600x337 Rumor: Xbox One to get external HDD support soon | VGLeaks 2.0

Major Nelson -Larry Hyrb- stated a few weeks ago that an Xbox One external hard drive would be released ‘soon’.

This image could be teasing an E3 2014 reveal of this feature, so it would make sense to think that next system’s update could include it.

Via | MP1st & NeoGaf

  • Carlos Romero

    Looks legit. It’s hard to say this is a fake!

  • Shulk

    that’d be good cause I know many gamers who like to back up their save files at will.

  • CrossEyedJack

    Yeah 500GB is a joke, I only have Games installed and their saves and its already almost full. Of course I’m sure you won’t be able to install games to it. Really doesn’t help me at all. Void warranty if you try to install a bigger HDD. Man I wish I went with Sony.