Rumor: Yoshi's New Island Limited Edition 3DS XL Bundle incoming


According to the online retailer, Nintendo will release a new 3DS XL bundle for the upcoming Yoshi’s New Island in the UK.

This new bundle will cost £199 and will include a Nintendo 3DS XL system and a pre-installed copy of the game.

Although Base’s listing image is a “fan mock-up”, the bundle appears to be real and confirmed by IGN sources.

The bundle will go on sale on March 14, the same day as Yoshi’s New Island.

yoshi 3dsXL Rumor: Yoshi's New Island Limited Edition 3DS XL Bundle incoming | VGLeaks 2.0

Source | Joystiq

  • Reggie

    Nintendo are going to release a new console hybrid next year, it will be called Nintendo 3DU, you will be able to play any Wii U/3DS games on a single device and can still use tv to stream it across. Then in 2018 Nintendo are going to release the true successor to Wii U.

    • StigtriX

      That is highly unlikely. That would defeat the purpose of owning a home console at all. The next home console will most likely be able to play Wii U games. Since Nintendo has moved both the handheld and the console section into one building now, the new consoles will most likely have a lot of neat features in common and with improved communication between them.

      Both the handheld and the home console will debut with the cross-console IDs so owners can play downloaded games on both, only excluding digital releases of retail games. Nintendo has already said that they are working on making this a reality, so it should come as no surprise. Unfortunately, the Wii U and 3DS are too different, making Nintendo wait for the next releases before doing so. The job to port every title to both Wii U and the 3DS is too much of a hassle.

      Looking at the turn the market is taking with Sony, Microsoft and Valve focusing on computer architecture in consoles, Nintendo is forced to do the same to stay relevant and ensure that multi-platform games are easy to develop for its consoles too.

      Resolution will also become more important, but I would not be surprised if Nintendo went with 720p for a handheld gaming console (1280×720 pixels vs. 3DS’ 800×240). You do not need more than that for it to look good on small screens.

      The home console may come with 4K compatibility for streaming and entertainment, but will not support 4K for games. Such a high resolution demands too expensive parts. As an example: Battlefield 4 needs the most expensive GPUs to run at 4K, but it will not even reach a stable 60FPS with only one GPU.