Rumor: Yu Suzuki and Mark Cerny have maintained contacts, Shenmue 3?

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Yu Suzuki has been active in the last weeks. Some weeks ago, the mind behind Shenmue spoke about Kickstarter and the crowdfunding model as a chance to produce Shenmue 3. I would bet my penis about the success of a Shenmue 3’s Kickstarter, some people could invest a big bunch of bucks for the game.

yu mark1 Rumor: Yu Suzuki and Mark Cerny have maintained contacts, Shenmue 3? | VGLeaks 2.0

Twitter has offered a new rumor. Mark Cerny and Yu Suzuki appear in a pic, the perpetrator of this picture claimed that Mark and Yu have been speaking about Shenmue 3. We haven’t got solid info, but it’s something. It could be only a picture without a story behind it.

Mark Cerny is the person in charge for the PS4 architecture. What do you think about this rumor? Sony could want to get a PS4 exclusive from Yu Suzuki and Sega; I guess that Sega still holds the Shenmue rights.

Thanks, Neo-GAF.

  • the_cajun88

    the PS4 looks great

  • KUNA

    the ps4 is great, shenmue is not, sorry, but in a world of far cry 3, and gta v, what can bring shenmue that is different, original, interesting, in fact go and try to play sm 1 and 2, those games today feel broken and just boring. people keep playing the same stupid idea in their heads, that if an old game they liked ages ago is done today it is the law that it will be great, bad news is, it is not true, so just stop hyping stuff that is not interesting anymore

    • Chris Da Rocha

      I just finished both of them for the 147,443,124th time. Either of the 2 are far from broken. And what else can it bring? There was no game like it when it came out, who cares if others copied the formula for npc’s who actually have multiple daily routines which make daily life in the game more realistic, they did it FIRST. As long as that remains fact, Shenmue stays. Just because something isn’t interesting to you does not mean it isn’t interesting for others, and why even talk shit about the game to begin with? It’s clear you had enough interest to even read the article. The name shenmue almost never appears in a search engine unless you typed it in your self. So, FAIL. You searched it, then wrote it off. That’s gay. You’re more bitch than a bitch. And no one said all reboots or sequels had to be good, only you. I love Golden Axe, but not Beast Rider.

  • Cartman23

    Kuna you’re pathetic. Shenmue is still the best game ever made. I played Shenmue e Shenmue 2 AGAIN in the last two months. There’s nothing TODAY that can compare to the greatness of Shenmue. The graphics are still the best, the story has no rivals, the combat system is still the best ever seen in a NON beat’em up game. The world is so full of life, people, stories like no other games that came after. There is Shenmue…and THEN…there are videogames…Far Cry 3?!! GTA 5??! seriously?! The revolutionary epicness and poetry of Shenmue still beats the crap out of every game.

    • Maynard_VGL

      Please, Cartman23, you can express your opinion with more respect 😉

  • DoctorFouad

    shenmue is the best game ever created, hopefully this rumor comes true.

  • poop

    Where Shenmue 3 at?

  • SonyFiend23

    Shenmue is a game that was ahead of its time if the PS4 gets the rights of Sega for this Masterpeice it would be straight ownage against the Deranged O Crapbox 24/7

  • Kewlkrush

    Shen mue 3, demon souls 2 and with some luck if sony brings life into there old jrpg’s, it could ressurect the japan console gaming scene. Come on sony, give us wild arms, dark cloud, ark the lad, legend kf dragoon please. Along with final fantasy 15 and kh3, thats nice lot of JRPG.