Second picture of Orbis’ prototype pad leaked


Destructoid leaked the first picture yesterday, today has arrived the GamesTrailers turn. We have the second picture of PS4 controller. Remember, that’s a prototype, the final design should be different, but keeping the spirit. Visit our leaked layout to expand the info.

original 600x421 Second picture of Orbis’ prototype pad leaked | VGLeaks 2.0

If we compare with DualShock 3:


  • D-Pad: PS Vita design.
  • Sticks: Flat suface.
  • Speaker or/and microphone.
  • Bigger grip surface.
  • Touch pad. In our documents we have detailed info for a touch pad system not a touch screen.


Thanks, GameTrailers.

  • It doesn’t appear to be a flat surface on the sticks. It looks like their same old convex shape but with a significant lip/rim.

  • Fluffy

    If you look closely, there’s 2 buttons either side of the touch pad; these are the options and share buttons in the previous info.

    Also, it seems those black rectangles on the dev kit may be the stereo camera rig that’s rumoured to be in the new system, meaning it’s probable PS4 comes with Eye built in.

  • spikeysyco81

    just notice a headphone or microphone jack below the PS button, have they built in the’re own voip headset functions to the pad i wonder? i think a company released a game pad that did that i few years back, i think it was called the heck-box-me-sicky or something like that lol,

  • Mr.X

    Thanks a lot for your remarks, you are right. The sticks remind me this third-party
    control pad for PS3:

    I had to test it for the UK market some time ago. If you notice the sticks, the
    sticks are flat with a rim. The Orbis ones are slightly convex with a rim,
    not flat like I had written in the article.