Shocking News: New Call of Duty out this year… developed by Neversoft.

Update: It seems the image is fake but, still, the link to Neversoft web is completely legit and functional right now, and it’s showing a pretty and big COD logo.

We all knew we would see another CoD game in 2013 but,  the surprise may be its developer.

Neversoft, widely known for developing many Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk games, is working in a game of the famous saga owned by Activision. We don’t  know if it’s a Modern Warfare game, a Black Ops one, or if the saga it’s taking another new road with Neversoft,  but the developer’s site is leaving no doubt to the fact the’re working in a new Call of Duty. Here’s the evidence.

As if the above were not enough, OnlySP (thanks to them) is showing a leaked image where Neversoft logo is appearing in a CoD  teaser poster that’s revealing the date 11-11-13 and, besides, a linkedin profile reveals a Neversoft member working in a “Call of Duty project”. Checkout the images below.





What do you think about this? Is Neversoft replacing  Treyarch or Infinity Ward, or are we just seeing the birth of a third branch of the franchise related to the approaching of the next-gen era?