Silent Hills/P.T. would not be exclusive to PS platforms (Rumor)

Hideo Kojima is not only a great creator, he is also a marvelous publicist. He achieved to shock everyone through P.T., an enigmatic horror game supposedly developed by an indie developer. P.T. was disguised as a playable teaser to present Silent Hills, a new game in the terror franchise directed by Kojima and Guillermo del Toro and starring by Norman Reedus.

A genius movement to take Silent Hill back.

Aside from that, Silent Hills has filled some debates in forums about one point, where will be released? Apparently, PS4 should be one. P.T. is available on PS4. What’s happen about other systems?

Sony sent a common email to report about their news at GamesCom 14. Please, take a quick glance at the following pictures:



Sony labeled as “Exclusive PlayStation” just the only for titles for PlayStation platforms. P.T. wasn’t tagged with that treatment. Maybe, because the game is not a game, is a playable teaser. Moreover, we should not treat P.T. as Silent Hills, but it could hint something about the potential nature of Silent Hills.

Thanks, Neo-GAF.