Sony registers H1Z1, could the hoax become a game?

Back to the 2009, the swine flu outbreak terrorized the world, the pharmaceutics deceived first world governments selling vaccines for this new H1N1 mutation of this virus. This “serious pandemic” took less lives than the ordinary flu, but this it’s another side of this fact. Inside this story based on true events an elaborated hoax appeared those days.

The H1N1 apparently mutated to HZ1Z and this variation of the flu virus turned infected people into zombies, dead livings creatures. The hoax was smarty spread along different websites like this fake version of the BBC site:

bbc 1

This gorgeous tale could became a game, because of Sony has registered H1Z1 some days ago:


It could be a new zombie game, I have to admit that I am a little fed up with this thematic, but if the game is great, I would not complain.

Thanks, PS4 Daily.

  • Brad james

    Sony online entertainment, NOT computer entertainment. This is the PC mmo company.