Sony trademarks new PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 models

Sony has filed for the registration of two new devices catalogued as “Computer Entertainment Systems” with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia.


The current PlayStation4 model in Asia has the code CUH-1006A, while this new Ps4 model has been registered with the code CUH-1106A. You can check the registry here.

As you can see, the new code only changes the second number, so this could mean that this is just a minor revision or an internal change, if we compare the code with the PS3 serials.

For instance, the change of this digit in PS3 models was translated from a model with a 65 nm RSX (CECH-2001A) to a 40 nm one (CECH-2101A). So, we could expect a more efficient model with a manufacturing process smaller than the previous one.

In the case of the new PlayStation 3 model, a new revision has been rumored for a while.


This CECH-4306CH model could be a new revision of the super-slim version with this new manufacturing process we have talked about. You can check the registry here.

Furthermore, this could explain the lack of stock at some major retailers, like Amazon, of the 12GB PS3 SKU. Sony may replace the old SKU with this new one and unveil it at E3 2014, alongside with a possible price cut.

Thanks, Dualshockers