Sony will announce games this week. Gran Turismo 6?


During the last years Sony has presented some of their games weeks before of the E3. Little Big Planet 2 and Infamous 2 are recent examples of this way of proceeding.

It seems this year we will see some new games before E3 arrives next month. All of this according to Fred Dutton, SCEE Blog Manager, who has stated that the company has “a busy week in the offing“. Dutton has also posted this comment on the official Playstation Blog:

some intriguing game announcements planned

GT6 2 Sony will announce games this week. Gran Turismo 6? | VGLeaks 2.0

Some retailers are already listing GT6 for Playstation 3, so an announcement may not be so far as we think. Of course this tease could be for some other unannounced games for PS4, PS Vita or PS3, but Gran Turismo 6 has gain special prominence in the last weeks, so, the game has serious chances to be presented.

Remember, according to NeweggGran Turismo 6 for PS3  has a release date set for November 28th:

Thanks, thesixthaxis.

  • Brock Puntenney

    I hope we get announcements for:
    Syphon Filter on PS4
    Jet Moto on PS4
    Agent on PS4
    Crash Bandicoot on PS4
    Final Fantasy VS on PS4
    The Last Guardian on PS4
    GT6 on PS4
    All should have cross play and cross control features with the Vita.

    • I have been waiting on The Last Guardian for to long. I am kinda of over it. That being said, Ico is one of my all time favorite games….

      • Brock Puntenney

        I’d also welcome an Alundra reboot to compete with Zelda & a Legacy of Kain reboot.

  • Not that 3 years is a short amount of time to ship a racing sim, but Polyphony doesn’t have the best track record ‘pun intended’ when it comes to shipping games. If you got a hankering for some next gen racing, I would say that the smart money is on Forza.

    • Isaac Newton

      Well I grew on the GT so it’s really hard to change heart for forza.

      I play Forza on the 360 but there is that tingilng feeling that didn’t get like on the GT….

      And Paying for Live gold is not a smart money man! It’s not……

      I’m poor as F*** 😀

      • I grew up on GT as well. Remember how insane fast you could make the Mitsubishi 3000GT in the original? Anyway, those games were great, GT5 is great. IMO Forza4 is better. I feel like the GT series went backwards in a lot of respects.

        Remember how you could spend hours in the game and not even do a single race? I don’t get that with GT5. I have spent so much time just tinkering with my cars in Forza4 though. The online community is so good. The car clubs, auto auctions, custom decals, drag races, hell even car soccer. It gives me everything and it is all super polished.

        As for the cost of XBL, what can I say. It’s $40 dollars a year. I can afford that. I have paid a lot more for stuff that has given me much less enjoyment.

        • Isaac Newton

          Again I’m poor as F***

          I like GT5 more because it’s hard as hell.

          Internet connection is not that good in my place.

          I pay for the games so that would be enough for me.
          And if I pay for a One year of XBL and the connection is sh*t then I just throw my $40.

          Well spend more just to get enjoy isn’t that sad?
          Rather than Enjoying the game you buy without paying anything else.

          I’m Asian so sorry if there is a difference on perspective.

          • Throw out all the online functionality of both games and I still feel Forza4 was a better, more polished and all around more fun experience than GT5. I am a huge TopGear fan so I guess I was bias from the second Clarkson sweet voice opened the game for me.