Sony will celebrate 15 years of Gran Turismo and invite us to discover the future of the driving license

Gran Turismo reaches 15 years and Sony will celebrate its birthday the next week at Silverstone circuit, UK. Kazunori Yamauchi will be there, GT father could introduce his new son, GT6. We can read in the call:

Join Us to Celebrate 15 Years of Gran Turismo, and discover the exciting announcements about its future.


Save the date: 5.15

Thanks, CVG.

  • I’m surprised this announcement won’t be held on May 21st…

  • 20 years of development for 5 games (Sony started work on GT in 1992). When all the overhead is taken into account, I wonder how profitable the GT series has actually been for Sony.

    • Jeff Pee

      very profitable, I would think… for Sony to put up with it. But, Sony has to be getting tired of this, right? Polyphony, just takes too long to develop these games.

  • Michael Norris

    GT5 sold over 9 million units alone,and over 67 million units for the series.So yea it’s very profitable which is why Sony lets Polyphony have all the time in the world.PS, if you add in GT5 prologue,that’s over 15 million unit’s which is more then all the Forza games combine together.

    • I remember when GT3 came it. I swear every person that owned a PS2 had that game. I turned into a bit of a license test hired gun, I would go from house to house unlocking different skill levels. Good times…