Square-Enix registers 'Final Fantasy Agito'


Square-Enix has filed for a trademark ‘Final Fantasy Agito’.

final fantasy agito 600x251 Square Enix registers 'Final Fantasy Agito' | VGLeaks 2.0

If you don’t know, Final Fantasy Agito XIII was the name of a mobile game that ended up becoming Final Fantasy Type-0, released for PSP in Japan in 2011.  The director of the game, Hajime Tabata, stated in November 2012 that there were currently no plans to release it in North America or Europe, but now, with the resignation of Wada (former S-E CEO ), things may have changed.

Is Final Fantasy Agito being released for PS Vita in the West? Is this just a trademark for a spin-off or, perhaps, for another mobile game?

We don’t know and, unfortunately, we’ll have to wait even more to know what S-E has planned for this game.

Thanks, Hokanko.

  • dpüpüm

    Dafuq???!!! I want FF Vs 13 you idiots. Really the guys at Square Enix must be fucking dumb if they don’t reveal it now!!!! I mean really just run straight forward into ruin so KH3 and FF Vs 13 won’t come out ever because you won’t have enough money to make them!!!! And you’ll be fucked!

    • Usman Mohammad

      It’s probably just a trademark renewal of the name “Final Fantasy Agito”.

      • dpüpüm

        I hope so! o.O

      • Maynard_VGL

        I don’t think it’s a renewal of the previous trademark due to the absence of the ‘XIII’ in the title.

        The original trademark was ‘Final Fantasy Agito XIII’ and, later, S-E registered “FF Type-0” and “FF Type-1”.

        In my opinion, this trademark could be more mobile oriented than we think.

        But I hope we can see Type 0 someday in the West…I really hope so :

        • Usman Mohammad

          I do wish for Type-0 as a downloadable in the west regardless of platform.

  • Vrrumdri

    There’s no need for language. I think this is a slight ray of hope for a localisation. Who knows, we may be experiencing Final Fantasy Agito, the struggles of Class Zero to become the savior which delivers Orience from Finis, in about a year or so. Maybe on the PS4 and Vita.

  • Mw

    Stupid FF. Why don’t they do KH!