Star Wars: Battlefront info leaked (Rumor)

12 February, 2015 1

After the Battlefield 4 turmoil, DICE have the chance to redeem themselves with Star Wars: Battlefront. This time around we are not going to forgive the game if they commercialize it half-baked. MakingStarWars have published […]

Rumor: Squads coming back to Battlefield 4

31 March, 2014 0

Last year, DICE -Battlefield developer- confirmed that Squads, a feature originally present in Battlefield 3, would not be reintroduced in Battlefield 4: [We are] not offering the old squad join feature because [we] didn’t feel that […]

Rumor: Mirror’s Edge 2 details

16 March, 2014 0

Mirror’s Edge was a product with a different taste, was aside of other proposes. This kind of product doesn’t use to sell a lot of copies, but improves the perception of the company that made […]

Rumor: New Battlefield 4 game modes leaked

29 December, 2013 3

The user Th3-Chronikk, from Se7enSins, has extracted some interesting info from Battlefield 4‘s game code where we can see a list of game modes, some of them currently not activated. “While Doing some really in dept JavaScript […]

Leak: Battlefield 4 Alpha Build Screenshots

9 June, 2013 0

58 screenshots of what appears to be an Alpha build of Battlefield 4 have surfaced today. This version shows us the game with some missing textures, but also provides us with interesting details. Website […]

'Mirror's Edge 2' shows on

30 May, 2013 0

Mirror’s Edge 2 has been lately appearing listed in retailers such as Amazon Italy or Amazon Germany, as we told you one week ago. Today, another proof of its existence has popped up:  ‘Mirror’s Edge […]

Rumor: Battlefield 4 big news tomorrow at Xbox Event.

20 May, 2013 2

A picture is worth a thousand words: “Big announcements are coming soon”. “Soon”. Could we see Battlefield 4 multiplayer revealed tomorrow at Xbox event? Will we see some exclusive DLC only for Microsoft machines? We only have […]

Rumor: Battlefield 4 survey hints 3 new DLC packs

3 May, 2013 1

DICE hinted 3 possible DLC packs in an online survey for Battlefield 4 including naval, BF3 maps… and dinosaurs. The Neogaf Forum user Jibbajabbawockky describes them briefly: – The first one was described as taking […]

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