Driveclub Bikes rated in Europe for PS4

27 October, 2015 0

Total: 1 0 1 0 0 Sony will hold today, during the PlayStation Paris Games Week, a press conference that could bring us some surprises. Driveclub director, Paul Rustchynsky, has been teasing some appearance at the event and, just a few hours ago, [Read More]

Leaked screenshots from DriveClub Beta

28 August, 2014 0

Total: 1 0 1 0 0 Apparently, a DriveClub closed beta is happening on PS4 right now. This beta, allegedly codenamed ‘Cupcake‘, allows player to play through some race tracks that Sony would have not shown yet. Four screenshots from [Read More]

Rumor: Driveclub beta coming in July

23 May, 2014 1

Total: 7 5 1 1 0 According to a senior source who has talked with VG247, Sony is going to announce a Driveclub beta during its conference at E3 2014. The sign-up for the beta would begin the next day. [Read More]