Square Enix registers Mevius Final Fantasy in Europe

5 October, 2014 0

Yesterday, Square-Enix filed trademark for something called “Mevius Final Fantasy” in Europe. As always, the trademark reads the usual for this kind of registration: computer game software; video game software, etc. You can check the trademark here. We […]

Square-Enix registers 'Final Fantasy Agito'

26 May, 2013 7

Square-Enix has filed for a trademark ‘Final Fantasy Agito’. If you don’t know, Final Fantasy Agito XIII was the name of a mobile game that ended up becoming Final Fantasy Type-0, released for PSP in Japan […]

Possible DLC for PS3 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD?

10 April, 2013 10

Final Fantasy X remaster was a surprise when it was announced. Recently Square-Enix stated that not only Final Fantasy X will be remade for Sony platforms: Final Fantasy X-2 will be there too. Both games […]

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