Level-5 recruiting for “large-scale Project”

25 September, 2014 0

Currently, Level-5 has got one of the most powerful IPs in Japan, Yokai Watch, a million seller. The company has printed money with that property, therefore, Level-5 has enough capital to invest in a large-scale […]

Rumor: Guild 03 on the way.

6 May, 2013 0

Level 5 has registered “Wonderflick“, “Rare Drop Adventurer Note” and “Earth Devastating B-rank Girlfriend“. None of these titles have been announced and all of them have been registered at once, so Siliconera is speculating that […]

Level 5 working on a Playstation 4 title

9 April, 2013 2

In a recent interview on Nikkei Level 5 CEO, Akihiro Hino, spoke about some interesting things about the company. The most shocking new is the confirmation that Level 5  is working on an  unannounced PS4 title. He […]