[Rumor] Fable Legends might be alive

7 April, 2016 0

After the closure of Lionhead Studios last month it seemed clear to everyone that Fable Legends was definitively dead. However, the game, cancelled alongside the closure of Lionhead, could still be alive according to MCV. Several sources have […]

Leak: Gears of War Remaster Beta footage

14 May, 2015 3

First footage of the rumoured Gears of War Remaster for Xbox One (developed by Splash Damage and apparently titled Gears of War: Ultimate Edition) has appeared on the Internet thanks to Xbox Live users ElitistPath05 […]

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition rated in Brazil

10 May, 2015 0

The Brazil Advisory Rating Board rated Gears of War: Ultimate Edition just a few days ago. If you remember, not long ago we wrote about the rumoured Gears of War Remaster for Xbox One, developed by Splash […]

Xbox One SDK leaked

3 January, 2015 1

We have started the New Year with a wonderful piece of information: the Xbox One’s SDK (Software Development Kit) has been leaked by H4LT group. This document offers information about different fields of the Xbox […]

Halo 5: Guardians coming to PC?

23 December, 2014 2

Players are enjoining a limited beta period for Halo 5: Guardians. The game innovates by offering a new approach to some classic mechanics. This movement is necessary to renew the gameplay, draw new players to […]

Killer Instinct Xbox 360’s prototype showed

11 November, 2014 0

Assassin’s Creed Unity’s performance is the topic of today. Forums are blazing with intense debates about the performance issues of Unity: framerate drops, teleporting, pop in and a various and delicious array of different flaws […]

HBO Go heading to Xbox One (pictures leaked)

20 October, 2014 0

Consoles are more than systems to run games, are multimedia hubs for different services. The intention is to bond users around a unique device. Microsoft defined Xbox One as the final multimedia system and for […]

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