Rumor: PS4 launch in 2013 with no delay in Europe.

14 May, 2013 10

“An insider involved with PlayStation’s business strategy” has told CVG that Sony is targeting Europe as a very important area in its actual strategy due to the possibility of Microsoft becoming more aggressive in the old […]

Level 5 working on a Playstation 4 title

9 April, 2013 2

In a recent interview on Nikkei Level 5 CEO, Akihiro Hino, spoke about some interesting things about the company. The most shocking new is the confirmation that Level 5  is working on an  unannounced PS4 title. He […]

Rumor: The Last Guardian moved to PS4/Orbis

18 February, 2013 2

This gen hasn’t been the Japan time, some Japanese companies have had deep issues with this gen. Square-Enix, Polyphony Digital or Team Ico stand out over the rest. Likely the HD leap was a big […]

Playstation 4 (Orbis) DisplayScanOut Engine (DCE)

18 February, 2013 4

Another of the misterious components in Orbis specs is the DCE, or Display ScanOutDevice Engine. To put into perspective, this component is the equivalent to the Display Planes in Durango for Orbis system. It’s a […]

Second picture of Orbis’ prototype pad leaked

15 February, 2013 4

Destructoid leaked the first picture yesterday, today has arrived the GamesTrailers turn. We have the second picture of PS4 controller. Remember, that’s a prototype, the final design should be different, but keeping the spirit. Visit […]

Orbis Dualshock layout

14 February, 2013 8

Destructoid have dropped the bomb. They have closed the rumors with the first picture for the Orbis’s gamepad. That’s not going to be the final look, it’s a prototype. We would like to add further […]

Orbis Dual Camera. What's this?

8 February, 2013 40

When we unveiled Orbis, an enigmatic device called “Dual Camera” was also listed within the info. “Dual Camera” appears to be an evolutioned HD Eyetoy instead of a Kinect device, based on the features offered […]