Until Dawn PS3 prototype footage

27 December, 2016 0

Until Dawn was initially created to be released on PS3 as a Move title, but Supermassive Games decided to move the project to PS4. Early footage of the PS3 version of Until Dawn showed. […]

Amazon lists Dualshock 4 Wireless USB adapter

23 August, 2016 0

Amazon is back with interesting info. “DualShock Wireless USB Adapter for PS4” has suddenly appeared on Amazon France. In principle, this would not be big news (in fact, the listing does not show any info […]

[Rumor] Sony could be developing a western game

28 April, 2016 2

Ioan Dumitrescu, an artist behind some artwork on ‘VR Luge‘, the game developed by Sony London for PlayStation VR, has shared some concept arts for an ‘Undisclosed Project for Sony‘. These concept arts show what […]

[Rumor] Horizon: Zero Dawn delayed to 2017

21 April, 2016 0

Shinobi strikes back. The famous insider, who previously provided tons of information on Guerrilla‘s new game for PS4, has tweeted that (according to his sources) Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting delayed to early 2017. This […]

PS4K: codename NEO, Specs, and more…

20 April, 2016 0

New rumors about PS4K. The upgraded PS4 could have unveiled its specifications (much better than PS4). The system would be called internally as NEO. Sony would pretend to keep the user base and the user experience to both type of players (PS4 and NEO users). […]

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