Driveclub Bikes rated in Europe for PS4

27 October, 2015 0

Sony will hold today, during the PlayStation Paris Games Week, a press conference that could bring us some surprises. Driveclub director, Paul Rustchynsky, has been teasing some appearance at the event and, just a few hours ago, we […]

Rumor: PS2 games coming to PS4

22 September, 2015 0

PS2 era left a great bunch of games and Sony could bring part of those titles to PS4. Some evidences have emerged on the internet about this topic. 1. Siren appeared on a PS4 profile […]

Sony registers 'Gnomageddon' in the U.S.

20 July, 2015 0

Mysterious trademark of the week. Five days ago, on July 15, Sony filed a trademark in the US for something called Gnomageddon. As usual, the trademark is filed for use with “computer game software,” “video […]

Rumor: New PS Vita model trademarked

20 April, 2015 1

According to a tweet spotted by some NeoGaf users, on April 1 Sony trademarked in Japan a portable “LCD screen game device” that, inevitably, brings to mind PS Vita. The trademark could be, in fact, a […]

Gravity Rush for PS4 rated in Korea

23 March, 2015 0

The Korean Game Rating Board, which previously rated games such as MGS: The Legacy Collection or The Unfinished Swan for PS4 and Vita, gives us another scoop. This time, Gravity Rush (PS Vita) has been […]

Amazon lists Bloodborne PS4 bundle

29 January, 2015 0

It seems that Sony will release a new and tasty PlayStation 4 bundle, at least in Europe. Amazon Spain is listing a Bloodborne PS4 bundle on its site which will cost €439.99. As usual, this bundle will […]

Sony registers 'Resistance'

26 January, 2015 0

The last time we were able to play a Resistance game was in 2012, when Sony released Resistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita. Since that moment the IP has been quiet. Maybe too much. Now we have […]

Rumor: Uncharted Trilogy coming to PlayStation 4

29 October, 2014 0

It is widely known that Uncharted is one of the big franchises from Sony, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the company would eventually launch a remaster (or collection) on the PlayStation 4, as they did with The […]

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