[Rumor] Watch Dogs 2 new main character

5 May, 2016 0

TheKingCort is the Instagram username for the motion capture actor who, allegedly,  is working on Watch Dogs 2. This little information would not be interesting by itself, but a couple of days ago the actor shared […]

[Leak] The Division new weapons found in source code

29 February, 2016 0

It’s well known that ‘The Division‘ Beta is currently open and, as usual, this means that surprises are around the corner. A set of weapons has been discovered digging around in the game files from The Division Beta […]

Ubisoft working on Far Cry Primal

5 October, 2015 0

Ubisoft has started a viral campaign with the following picture today: Some evidences indicated that this game could be a new Far Cry iteration, but IGN Turkey finished with the Sherlock Holmes game so early […]

ZombiU 2 details leaked (canned)

31 March, 2015 1

ZombiU was a survival horror with a fresh conception, but was not profitable and therefore Ubisoft cancelled their future plans on the franchise. These plans included a sequel which first details have been unveiled by […]

ZombiU 2 for Wii U spotted on Amazon France

25 November, 2014 0

Earlier today, Amazon France listed ZombiU 2 for Wii U. As usual, the company has removed the listing, but jeuxvideo was able to take a couple of screenshots of the product page. While the first […]

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