The Last of Us: Complete Edition for PS4 emerges on Spanish retailer

Complete Editions could be the new black in the industry, a new way to give some (old) content to the next-gen players and would be a great option for the companies too, which can extend their benefits with another version of the same product. Marvelous.

The Last of Us could follow the trail blazed by Lara Croft and her Definitive Edition with an upgraded version of The Last of Us for PlayStation 4. The Last of Us: Complete Edition appeared in Xtralife, a Spanish videogames retailer. The webpage that should show this specific product is no longer available, although DualShockers archived to get this screenshot before the edit of that space:



Possible features (summarizing some rumors upon this game):

This version will include The Last of Us campaign and Left Behind.


Enhanced graphics.

Release date: 19 June.

Price: around 65€.

Until any official confirmation, take this info as a rumor.

Thanks, DualShockers.