The Order: 1886 leaked gifs and screenshots

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Update: Here you can watch the gameplay trailer (b-roll) and some new gifs of “The Order: 1886”!

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Ready at Dawn is going to unveil The Order: 1886 around the world tomorrow. A new trailer awaits, but we would like to show you a sneak peak of this game.

The Order: 1886 is set in a Victorian London crawling with supernatural creatures and overrun for the militia, the resistance, that has sprung up against the establish order.

Behind the plot and the game prop, Ready at Dawn is making a high tech product in the technical section. The Order: 1886 will stand out in the following aspects:

  • Soft-physics & Animations:



  • Gameplay mechanics:




the order_1886_vgleaks_2

the order_1886_vgleaks_1

the order_1886_vgleaks_5

the order_1886_vgleaks_4

the order_1886_vgleaks_3

This has been just an advance, there are more media ready for tomorrow at the official presentation, therefore don’t miss that.

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    Still hopping for customizable mustaches.

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    Lol this looks like typical sony crap, man it sure is dark maybe we can max the gama out on our tvs!

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    The way that guy moved and took cover, reminded me of gears of war.

  • Fucking awesome!!

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    I don’t know how to convey that I am more then utterly uninterested in this game.