TitanFall leaked (Respawn Entertainment, Xbox 360 & One & PC, Spring 2014)

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GameInformer had the exclusive for TitanFall, but fortunately you won’t already have to buy the magazine. All the details have been leaked in a Neo-GAF thread. TitanFall is the new project from Respawn Entertainment a multiplayer game based on multitudinous battles between humans heavily armed VS Giants exoskeletons. David VS Goliath, the bible becomes a videogame.

TitanFall (Do you like this name? It’s a little bit stupid. Titan was better) will be a game for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. The game should appear along the next Spring (2014). The Xbox 360 version is being developed by other group, not Respawn Entertainment. TitanFall uses Source Engine and will run at 60fps. More details below extracted from the GameInformer latest issue:

titan 600x960 TitanFall leaked (Respawn Entertainment, Xbox 360 & One & PC, Spring 2014) | VGLeaks 2.0

– Xbox One, PC.

– Xbox 360 version developed by someone else.

– Planned to target current gen, but realized that they couldn’t run it.

– Started to look into next gen and the answer they got from Microsoft intrigued them.

– They said they needed to focus on fewer hardware. In the future they are open to more. They don’t specify if it would be this project or another.

– Plan to use Microsoft’s Cloud for dedicated servers and physics and AI calculations.

Campaign Multiplayer, “traditional” multiplayer mode, and a “One-Player Mode”.

– Spring 2014 Release Date.

– There are a good amount of screens. In my opinion it visually looks pretty nice.

First person shooter.

– “Mech” and ground combat.

– “Mech’s” are called Titans.

– They want these Titans to feel fast. They can dodge etc.

– If you don’t want to pilot the Titan you can have it follow you, killing people as it goes along.

– Player characters are called Pilots (male and female).

– They are extremely agile. Can run on walls, multiple jumps.

– They can take down Titans. Jumping on them and shooting the “brain”.

– You need to be cunning as a pilot. “Hit and fade” tactics is the term the game director uses.

– Pilots come equipped with a variety of weapons. Pistol, Assault Rifle, Anti-Titan Rocket Launcher, data knife used to hack AI characters into joining you.

– There are AI enemies on the maps.

– You survive longer than in COD. Making it more welcoming to newcomers.

Source Engine. Building new engine = too much time.

– Source gives them 60 fps.

– Modified Source – “Rewriting major portions of it”.

– Article talks about the process of forming the team, being fired, prototyping ideas etc. I recommend reading it.

– Going for a District 9 or Blade Runner vibe.

– Integrate memorable single player moments into a multiplayer game.

– Storytelling style will be more Left 4 Dead.

– Humans segregated between Earth and frontier planets. Corporation trying to take the resources of these frontier people.

Progression system. No details yet.

– Smartglass integration, “some level of” Kinect support, Campaign Multiplayer, Regular Multiplayer, and some one player mode that isn’t revealed yet.

– Thanks to the more open maps, healthy mix of enemy AI and real players, and the ultra-powerful titans, the gameplay loop in Titanfall is more accommodating to newcomers.

-Seeing a match play out on three different player screens in a short demo after the the target gameplay video, the average time of life seems drastically increased over the average Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Halo match.

– Hulking 24-foot tall mechs concentrate heavy fire on anything that moves while lithe soldiers zip across the map with a swiftness normally reserved for superheroes.

– Legions of AI soldiers pour in and out of buildings on a large-scale battlefield as dropships deliver reinforcements from above.

– Weapons of soldiers can vaporize multiple targets at once, but the mechs can repel shots back.

– The Titans move at the speed of a regular soldier in many first person shooters and feature an array of heavy firepower that make them formidable adversaries in open space.

– Titans can be player controlled or can be commanded to guard an area or follow you around.

Thanks, Neo-GAF (Cartman86, chubigans and Najaf).

  • Thomper

    Looks good to me

  • Jeff Pee

    I read that they said this game wouldn’t be possible with out the “cloud” yet there’s a version for the PC? MS must have paid a lot of $ for the exclusivity.

    The throwing of money around is the reason why I just can’t support MS. I just don’t like their business practices. Look at what they did to the PC market. They dominated it through strong arming/bullying. They nearly killed every other competitor out there, and if they couldn’t they bought them up. The only thing that stopped MS was government intervention. You can’t run a monopoly, it causes stagnation, there needs to be competition.

    • Johnathan

      You’re definitely right about Microsoft throwing around money to bully the competition and expand their monopoly. For the past couple days insiders have been coming out saying that Microsoft is actually paying publishers going to E3 to NOT show their games on the PS4 at all and to only show them on the Xbox One…


      Of course this sort of stuff probably happens every year but this time Microsoft is going all out with their “buy to win” strategy. They don’t want a single multiplatform to be shown on the PS4 at all…it’s anti-competitive and super shady.

    • Ironmanxrs2

      Wait what? Buying exclusivity, buying a studio to develop a game for you, what’s the difference? You hate Microsoft because they want to provide great exclusives for their clients? You must have hated Sony for having Final Fantasy as an exclusive for all those years. Or Metal Gear.

      • Jeff Pee

        Hmm… valid questions.

        Do you know why Final Fantasy was exclusive to Playstation? Because Nintendo refused to use CD’s and that was the best format to put those FMV’s that Square loved to use. Metal Gear, do you know why it stayed on Sony’s console? Because their were basically no Xbox’s in Japan. The PS2 had a much larger install base compared to the Xbox, it just didn’t make financial sense at the time.

        Do you know why Metal Gear Solid 4 is on the PS3 and not the 360? Go ask Kojima, he said that it was because of the PS3 having a BD drive. He said that MGS4 would have taken up to 4 DVD’s in total. He didn’t want to do it.

        I answered all your questions.

        You know what I don’t like that MS has done in the past? When they go into a studio that is already developing a game to be multiplatform and tell them to STOP developing it for the other consoles and make it exclusive. And it’s possible that MS is buying exclusives so they can give their customers great exclusives, but it’s probably more to keep it from their competition. Do you know why MS is in the videogame industry? It’s cause a deal with Sony fell through, they were pissed off and got into the industry to drive Sony out of it.

        I don’t hate Xbox, the competition has been great, I just don’t like Microsoft. What do you think the industry would look like it Microsoft dominated it? I’ll tell what it would look like… The same way it would have if MS didn’t kick Sony’s ass at the beginning of this generation.

        • bickle2

          Actually, MGS4 was exclusive because Sony wrote a fat check to Konami to stop development on the 360 version. examination of the actual game files on MGS 4 reveal that if they didn’t waste so much space duplicating data (common access time speed up on PS3) and had used compression on the audio, the game is about 14GB, an easy 2-discer

          • Jeff Pee

            Metal Gear Rising Revengeance came out on PS3 and Xbox360. The new MGS Legacy Collection is coming out soon on PS3… but not on the 360. Why?


            It’s been years since MGS4 came out. Metal Gear Solid is now a multiplaform series. MGS Rising is multiplatform, Metal Gear Solid 5 is multplatform. If it was as easy as you explained it, why didn’t Konami just go back and clean up the code? The sales of MGS4 and MGS Legacy Collection would absolutely benefit from a multiplatform release wouldn’t it? Konami get’s more money and Xbox360 owners get to play MGS4.

          • bickle2

            Because that would cost millions more than they could ever hope to recoup at this point

    • bickle2

      You do realize that the PC accesses the internet too right? Therefore it can do the cloud

      • Jeff Pee

        No, I didn’t realize that.. thank you!

        Do you realize what you’re saying? You’re saying that Microsoft will let PC gamers access their cloud computing servers. The same Microsoft that doesn’t allow for PC/360 online interaction in the current generation we are in right now, that Microsoft right?

        • Jeff Pee

          Microsoft will allow PC gamers to access thei cloud servers… for free? Cause you know to play online on Xbox one you’ll have to pay! Highly doubt that If MS makes Xbox one owner pay to access their cloud that they would allow PC gamers to do it for free. Could you imagine MS asking PC gamers to pay a fee for accessing their cloud servers to make their games better?

          • John Nunez

            What are you talking about man? If Microsoft came to an agreement with EA as who gets this game exclusively they are PROVIDING their Azure service for Titanfall. Why would they charge YOU? Their cloud services are for pure business only.

          • Jeff Pee

            what? MS cloud service is not FREE you pay for it when you pay for LIVE Gold membership which gives you access to their cloud! LIVE subscription is helping to pay for the cloud.

          • John Nunez

            You were talking about PC having to pay for the service which isn’t true. I know and agree with your Xbox Live gold. I don’t agree that you believe PC gamers will be charged to use the cloud service. Im pretty sure MS either charges EA or lends their server to EA for a game. Seeing as its an exclusive I would say lend, but this is MS were talking about here lol.

          • Jeff Pee

            you know what they say “nothing in life is free” someone’s gonna have to pay for it… let’s hope it’s EA.

          • John Nunez

            Im down for that lol.

        • bickle2

          Where did I say that they’d allow them to do it for free? They’d pay for itor provide their own. In fact, Ea usually insists on such things. If memory serves, Universe at War and Shadowrun both were cross platform btw

          • Jeff Pee

            Provide their own cloud? You know the only companies with a real “cloud” are MS and Google. Was their cloud computing happening ON those Games? was their data being processed in the cloud and then streamed back to a home console? If there was then you’re right. But the way MS is making it sound this is the first time console games are gonna have the power of the cloud.

  • apozgaming

    Titanfall, it feels like a copy of Attack on Titan anime

  • John Nunez

    On Topic though, this game looks pretty cool. I’ll have to see more of course, but im a sucker for anything with Mechs so im kind of made up already. Anyone else?