Valve files trademark for Half-Life 3 (Update: Probably Fake)

Update: Half-Life 3 trademark has mysteriously vanished meaning that it was probably a hoax. The trademark was never authenticated nor officially checked so we’ll have to wait a little more to know if Valve was really behind this trademark.

By the way, Portal 3 trademark has been duly checked and authenticated by the Trademarks and Design Registration Office of the European Union (OHIM).

Thanks to Oskar Krawczyk for the info.

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Yes, it’s happening.

We have even seen evidences about Half-Life 3 development on the web not long ago, but Valve has always kept its mouth shut very tightly.

Information coming from Valve about the long-awaited sequel of Half-Life 2 has always been limited but, perhaps, this is going to change soon.

Valve filed a trademark for Half-Life 3 just two days ago.


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Thanks to shinobi602 from NeoGAF

  • Sparky

    Half life 3 confirmed

  • Wolf

    I give up on hope, this game will not be released anytime soon.