Meta: You’re never too old to play online games. These ten games are so easy even my great grandpa can play them! So please go check them out.

Golden Oldies

I want to clarify something. It is never too late to start playing video games. You should be playing them if you aren’t already. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on some of the most exciting and worthwhile experiences. There are card games worth playing, racing games that make you feel like you’re driving in an actual car, and sports games that are better than watching the real thing. For as long as they have existed, video games have battled the stigma of being a immature pastime. Many people find gaming intimidating, overly complex, or a waste of time. Fortunately, that perception is changing. With this in mind, I thought I would put together a list of the ten most straightforward games for the iPad. I choose the iPad because some may not have gaming consoles, and it’s more likely they will have one of these.

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      1. Alto’s Odyssey – Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to Alto’s Adventure, which was released in 2015. The new game builds on the series’ ability to blend the mechanics of a smooth, never-ending runner with the breathtaking visuals of skiing. Travel down the mountain while completing objectives, collecting coins, and gaining upgrades.
      2. Device 6 – It’s safe to say that Device 6 is unlike any other iPad adventure game you’ll play. The opening sequence has all the swagger and verve of the sassiest spy film, but then it drops you in the middle of a mystery, with no idea who you are or how you got there.
      3. Very Little Nightmares – You play as a young girl in a yellow jacket who is trapped in the eerie mansion known as The Nest. Everything in the building is out to get you, and you must flee while avoiding enemies and solving puzzles in order to piece together The Nest’s dark secrets.
      4. Call of Duty: Mobile – Call of Duty Mobile is designed exclusively for mobile devices and is jam-packed with intense action and cooperative gameplay. It promises a solid mix of strategic teamwork tactics, and total chaos. So, if you want to have a good time shooting with your friends, check out COD Mobile.
      5. Monument Valley – You play as Ro, a young girl who explores colorful buildings and solves intricate puzzles. Your primary tool is the ability to change the screen’s perspective, which opens up new paths. This game is one of the most thrilling and immersive experiences you can have on your iPad, thanks to its beautiful visuals and mysterious setting.
      6. Letter Rooms – Letter Rooms bills itself as a “simply good anagram game,” which seems reasonable. It’s bold and tactile on the iPad, with colorful vertical columns containing letters and symbols. There’s a hint at the top of the screen. Your goal, of course, is to rearrange the letters to form the correct word.
      7. Mushroom 11 – A new form of life has emerged in a world that has seen better days: intelligent goop. You are that goop in Mushroom 11, an oddball mix of platform game, puzzler, and post-apocalyptic exploration.
      8. Slay the Spire – I’m not sure how I ever got by without Slay the Spire on my iPad, and it was only released on iOS last year. The game is incredibly fun, challenging, and full of small exciting decisions that ensure no two games are alike. It’s a roguelike deckbuilding game that challenges you to reach the top of the spire, but there are plenty of enemies and strange other encounters to contend with along the way.
      9. Hearthstone – Hearthstone combines the strategy of Magic: The Gathering with the comedic polish of a Blizzard game to create one of the best iPad card battle games. Hearthstone is one of those rare games that is simple to learn but has enough depth that you’ll always have something to work on.
      10. Solitaire – Solitaire is never dull. This strategic game has been around since the dawn of personal computers. If you’ve ever played Solitaire on a Windows computer, then the free iOS version will blow your mind.

3 article 2 10 easy online games for seniors to play on ipad | VGLeaks 2.0