With so many people playing games from their younger years, retro games are making a comeback. Classic games from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s are in style once again. For gamers played on retro consoles, it’s fun to pick up the old controller that you used to play on. More so, you probably enjoy playing many of the games from your childhood. In many ways, the return to older games and consoles was inevitable. Here are the main reasons why retro games are making a comeback in recent years. 

Classic Nostalgia

Retro games are coming back because many people are foregoing modern games to play the classics once again. If you grew up playing Mario Kart, Pokemon and the Golden Axe, these games simply can’t be replaced. They offer that same feeling of being a kid and playing games. Of course, many gamers want a break from their daily lives. Many videos games are a form of escapist entertainment. Thus, playing an old game is a great way to take yourself back and enjoy the simple pleasures. This is proven by all the Mario Kart parties and Pokemon conventions that are still around today. Without a doubt, nostalgia is a huge reason that retro games are popular once again. 

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Cheaper Price Point

Another reason for the return of retro games is that they are easily accessible and cheaper. You can find them on eBay or in vintage stores. Gamers can also download emulators on their computers for free. In fact, many people still have their childhood consoles in their homes. Plus, some companies have also created discount consoles that are designed to feel retro and already have many classic games loaded into their hard drive. By comparison, the latest video games require upfront payments, subscription costs, in-game purchases and more. Plus, for hard core gamers, you may have to buy a new console or PC with hardware requirements. With so many retro games that are available for a low cost or free, they offer a cheaper alternative to the latest games on the market. 

Game Soundtracks

The simplistic soundtracks of retro gaming are another cause for their comeback. If you have ever played a retro game, you likely remember the soundtracks fondly. While playing your favorite game for hours, the tracks are probably very familiar to you. Many of the retro game sounds were designed to be catchy and memorable. These soundtracks were created by using a retro console’s sound chip, inventing the form of music known as chiptune. This style of music is made of repetitive beats which create a happy tune and can get stuck in your head while you play. Similar to the sounds of casinos online, these catchy tunes keep you focused while playing. Retro games are popular with many gamers who miss the charming sounds from a console’s PSG. 

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Fewer Installs 

Retro games are also making a comeback because of the lack of installation complexity. Modern games can require hours of downloads, installations and updates. By contrast, you can just plug in your console and insert a CD or cartridge to start playing. Since retro games are so easy to setup and start playing, it avoids many of the maintenance required in newer games. Moreover, retro games do not require an internet connection which could lead to slow load time, downtime or inaccessible content. For simplicity and convenience, retro games are an easy choice. 

Simple Challenges

Going off the simplicity in retro games, many gamers find the simple challenges in retro games more rewarding. In retro gaming, there are no second chances, extra armor to purchase or upgrades to buy. You simply have to play to win. Typically, you get three lives or so, maybe a bonus life. After that, games is over and you lose. Since retro games offer a limited number of opportunities to upgrade your game, it’s keeps the challenge simple. This engages gamers to keep trying until they have surpassed a certain level, boss or challenge without any additional handouts. 

As more people play games from their younger years, retro games will continue to make a comeback. With nostalgia at an all-time high, gamers are returning to their favorite classics. These games also offer a cheaper alternative to the latest releases. Additionally, the fun and upbeat chiptune music charm gamers with memories of their childhood. Moreover, fewer installations and updates make retro games quicker to play. Plus, they still keep gamers challenged and engaged. These are the major reasons why retro games have made a comeback.