Are you a college student looking for ways on how to decrease stress? Want to take a break from studying? Searching for the best stress management activities for college students? You can do that with the help of games. When you play games, you feel a sense of positivity that results in a decrease in study stress levels.

There are various stress management activities for college students. Games provide us with a fun outlet for anxiety and help us feel better, fresh, and relaxed. As students, we all could use a break and enjoy things, right?

Let’s take a look at some easy-to-play games that you can play with your friends and family after a long, stressful day at work. Each one of the games listed below has a different purpose, be it for a friendly gathering in your dorms, or be it when you are alone and want to get all that pent up frustration out.

0 1 7 Easy to Play Games for College Students to Decrease Stress from Studying | VGLeaks 2.0

1. The Witness

If you just have 30 mins to spare and want to play an engaging, fun, and invigorating puzzle game, then you should give “The Witness” a look. It is a first-person puzzle game, and it takes place on an island that has been divided into 11 different sections.
Each part of the puzzle is more complicated than the last and will make you feel pretty great when you finish one section and move on to the next.

2. Tetris

Want to know how to decrease stress? Play a puzzle game! A great puzzle game that you should try is “Tetris”. It has been around for decades and has been reinvented several times. You can download it on any device and relax after spending a strenuous day in the classrooms.

3. Doom

Doom is another first-person shooter game that has various entertaining shooting and fighting scenes. There is a great underlying story as well, and you get to fight demons. The point, shoot, and win! There are various ways of reducing study stress when you are a college student.

Along with playing games to feel pleasant and relaxed, you can use an online essay writing service to reduce the stress caused by approaching submission deadlines and get better grades. There is always an option to pay for essay written by trusted writers online and lessen your workload a bit. The less the load of essays and assignments you have to write, the more fresh and relaxed you will feel!

1 1 7 Easy to Play Games for College Students to Decrease Stress from Studying | VGLeaks 2.0

4. Half-Life

Did your teacher give a 20-page assignment due just next weekend and your feeling angry and stressed? Play “Half-Life” and release all that rage and pent-up study stress in your system. The game has been around for a while, and a whole series of it is available now.

In this game, you play as Gordon Freeman, who is trapped in a scientific facility after an experiment goes wrong. You can shoot as many bad guys as you want while figuring the way out. Other than playing games, it’s possible to reduce your stress levels by using expert writers, just pay someone to write essay that your professor has assigned you that is causing you so much stress.

5. Pandemic

If you are looking for an educational game that will boost your cognitive skills and IQ while keeping you relaxed and entertained, you should play Pandemic. It is a fantastic board game that revolves around critical thinking and planning. You not only get to play a game, but you also get to save the world from 4 diseases that are spreading across the globe. With COVID-19 Pandemic going on around the world, this can be your way on saving the world!

6. Scrabble

Another easy and fun board game that you can play is Scrabble. We all have played scrabble many times in our lives, and even if some of you haven’t, you can learn how to play it very quickly. It does not help you relax and calm; it increases your vocabulary and your IQ level.

All you have to do is to make one good move, and you can win plenty of points and be on your way to victory!

7. Alan Wake

Before you judge this game by its name, you should know that it has been rated as one of the top 25 video games in SyFy Wire. You assume the role of Alan Wake, who is a horror writer. The writer is trapped in a predicament which would leave you on edge and will have you wanting for more.

The game has several episodes, and this gives it a story-like feel. Stress in students is caused by assignments, tasks, and deadlines. If you pay for essay writing services, you can rest and relax, knowing that your workload has been decreased a bit.


Games, especially board games, have been around for hundreds of years. Games are one of the best stress management activities for college students. Games not only help you relax after a long, tiring day at school, they also boost your intelligence levels and your self-esteem in a very subtle way. Hopefully, we have answered your question about how to decrease stress. Choose any of the games mentioned above and have a great time winning!

Happy Gaming, Students!