You may think that videogames are for the average Joe or couch potato, but are you aware that many features in these virtual worlds have real-life applications? Children and adults alike benefit from video games, since they stimulate the brain, develop problem-solving skills, and relieve stress.

Although the debate regarding video games and how they affect people has unfortunately been going on for years, many people still believe that video games are causing mental and physical problems, even despite the lack of scientific evidence to support that belief. The situation has changed, and now more studies are being conducted to get to the bottom. It still remains to be seen whether video games offer any long-term health benefits. However, most researchers find that playing video games can have a positive effect on our bodies.

Video games offer a variety of experiences that are beneficial to society at large. They are valuable on a physical, psychological, and social level. You can play video games to improve your health and social life in several ways nowadays. Check out some advantages that video games have before loading up your favorite computer or console game. 

  • Improves your leadership skills

Some professional gamers develop their leadership skills as they make money playing video games, resulting in a win-win.

Researchers have found that the leadership traits some gamers display correlate well with their career goals in real life. In fact, numerous studies have demonstrated this correlation. It also translates to solving office crises more efficiently when you can improvise in a game. 

  • Keeps your mind sharp

All of us– male or female, young or old– will eventually, predictably, age. As we get older, more natural problems arise as well.

In a study conducted by Iowa University researchers, playing games was found to be one way to improve self-esteem. For six to eight weeks, 681 healthy people aged 50 and older spent 10 hours a week playing a particular video game. Video games are included in the list of tasks that help a person to keep his or her mind sharp.

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  • Helps with dyslexia

The difficulty in paying attention is an essential component of dyslexia, according to some research. One study found that dyslexics’ reading comprehension improved after playing games heavy in action. Scientists believe that the reason is that the gamers’ attention is constantly distracted by the rapidly changing environments in the games.

  • Enhances manual dexterity

Controller-based games can make your hands strong. In a study, researchers assessed a group of surgeons who performed advanced procedures faster and made 37 percent fewer mistakes when playing them. Physical therapy has also been used with video games to regain control of hands and wrists in stroke victims.

  • Encourages socializing

Despite the stereotype of the introvert who uses video games to get away from their problems, the average gamer does not look like that at all. Researchers have found that those children who play more video games tend to have good social skills, higher academic achievement, and better academic performance. Some of the best video games for 2021 have a social and collaborative component that students could use to build relationships with other students.

Researchers from three different Canadian and UK institutions recently conducted studies to ascertain whether antisocial behavior among gamers is expected.

Those interested in live social gaming environments have found that they are the most friendly and communicative. According to the study, gamers form stronger relationships because of their shared love of video games than non-gamers.

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  • Makes you a better problem solver 

Open-world, quest-based, and multilayer games are often designed as complex puzzles that take countless hours to solve. Your actions in the game will usually affect the solution.

Playing fantasy role-playing games is a great way to sharpen your thinking and strategize. An in-depth study published in 2013 indicated that children who played strategy-based games improved their problem-solving skills—leading to better grades the next year—by the next school year.

  • Increases your persistence

When it comes to video games, you either succeed at everything you set out to do or keep trying and learn from your mistakes until you reach that goal. Many researchers and educators claim that video games bolster confidence and inspire people to strive for their dreams, treating each misstep as a new opportunity to learn.


The field of video game studies is still very new, just as video games themselves are. Virtual characters, stories, and worlds affect us in different ways on a physical and a mental level, yet more research is necessary before we can know definitively what kind of effect they are having.

If a friend or family member still thinks that games are responsible for obesity, school shootings, and antisocial behavior, please feel free to show them this list. Then, perhaps they’ll realize that games have positively affected our lives instead of being a burden.