Undoubtedly, most players love video games because they bring them great fun. However, when the story in a video game is linear, you can easily get fed up with playing after a while.

Therefore, resourceful designers and developers decided to introduce additional fun through mini-games or side quests. With their help, you can take a break from the main story and earn additional points or virtual currencies to help you achieve the primary mission.

These mini-games and side quests can come in a variety of forms, however, we think the most interesting ones are those that imitate gambling games and activities. If you also share that opinion, we recommend 4 games where you can have fun in this way.

Fallout 2

Old but gold – that’s how we can describe Fallout 2, one of the most successful installments of the Fallout series. This video game was launched in 1998 and still has fans across the globe. 

Even though the story of this role-playing title takes place in 2241, this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy classic gambling mini-games. Actually, players can visit five world locations, including Redding and New Reno, and enter one of the clubs or casinos there to play well-known casino games like slots, craps, or roulette.

Of course, you can wager money and expect solid payouts if successful. Even though the graphics are a bit outdated, the rules in these mini-games are standard and can help you improve your skills in classic casino games. In fact, some players claim they have improved their online gambling results in real casinos by practicing in Fallout 2, as they learned how to maximize the odds of winning at slots, roulette, and craps. After all, if the player advances their skill to 120% within the game, in tandem with a high luck score of 8 and up, they will be able to win most of the mini-games. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Fans of medieval-themed action role-playing video games have probably heard about Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This title is much newer than Fallout 2. It was released in 2018 by Warhorse Studios and Deep Silver. The story takes place in the 15th century in Central Europe.

Many people like this game because of the decent number of mini-games and side activities they can get involved in. It goes without saying that gambling is one of these activities.

Still, we should note that you can’t expect classic casino games like blackjack, roulette, or poker here. The only gambling activity is playing a dice game. To get started, enter any tavern and find the table where the dice (farkle) mini-game is available.

This is an exciting game played with the help of six-sided dice. You should expect over two dozen types of dice. The game requires two players. You receive points for hitting specific combinations, including some poker-like combos (four-of-a-kind, full straight, etc.). Remember that six dice are thrown on every turn.

Finally, let’s point out that you can wager between 50 and 100 groschen per round. Winning can help you boost your balance and purchase various items.

The Sims 3

Gambling is part of many people’s lives, so it makes sense that the creators of The Sims 3 decided to include this activity in their life simulation video games. This popular video game is part of The Sims series, which provides four main installments.

Even though The Sims 3 was released in 2009, it’s still a decent title with various features and options, including the abovementioned gambling activity. Still, to get a chance to gamble, you must get the Lucky Simoleon Casino expansion pack.

You must use The Sims 3 store to purchase this premium content venue. Interestingly, the Lucky Simoleon Casino was inspired by the world-renowned Flamingo Hotel & Casino based in Las Vegas. 

Gambling fans can enjoy slots and blackjack there. First, they can play the Triple Riches O’Jackpot Slot Machine with 3 reels and 1 payline, which accepts low, medium, and high stakes. Playing this game can help players build gambling skills.

Second, they can try the Hit ’em Harder Blackjack Table. Up to four players can play the blackjack game simultaneously. Keep in mind that teenage characters can’t use virtual money in this game, while child characters can’t use the table at all.

Watch Dogs

Released in 2014, Watch Dogs is one of the most notable action-adventure, open-world video games. This Ubisoft title is the first of the Watch Dogs series. It includes seven mini-games, two of which are gambling games.

First, we’ll note that you can find slot machines in three locations in Chicago. Three variants of slot machines exist – StrikeZone, DemonRider, and UltraTesla. They all have three reels but feature a different number of winning lines (up to 5 in some cases). The highest wins you can achieve in these slots are worth $25,000 in virtual money, which can be used for upgrades and purchases.

The other mini-game is poker, or Texas Hold ’em Poker more precisely. Watch Dogs lets you play low, medium, high, and super-stakes poker. The category you choose affects the risk level and rewards. Let’s not forget that the main character can use his hacking skills to gain an advantage in the game.