Alleged 'Alien: Isolation' artworks leaked


By the end of October we talked about the first details on Alien: Isolation, a cross-gen FPS game that will star Amanda Ripleydaughter of Ellen Ripley, Sigourney Weaver’s character in the original Alien movies.

Yesterday, alleged artworks for Alien: Isolation appeared on NeoGaf giving us some more details about the game.

alien isolation amanda ripley Alleged 'Alien: Isolation' artworks leaked | VGLeaks 2.0
As we can see in the artworks, The Creative Assembly may be developing the game -the company announced work on a new Alien game in 2011-. This info is not yet official, but it makes total sense if we look at the logo in the images.

Alien isolation1 600x170 Alleged 'Alien: Isolation' artworks leaked | VGLeaks 2.0


Alien isolation Alleged 'Alien: Isolation' artworks leaked | VGLeaks 2.0

The artworks also show Amanda Ripley in a space suit and a space station where the game is set. If you remember, apparently the game will spend most of the time on that single space station where there’s only one alien.

As always, take this with loads of salt.

Thanks, NeoGaf.