Many of you may not remember As Dusk Falls (Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC), or maybe you do. The game was unveiled back in July of 2020 during the Xbox Games Showcase, and since then we’ve had very little information about it.

As Dusk Falls is being developed by INTERIOR/NIGHT, a team formed by Caroline Michel, the lead game designer of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, and, unsurprisingly, it looks like As Dusk Falls will be an “interactive adventure game.” Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any gameplay during all this time either.

However, something seems to be moving, as As Dusk Falls has recently been rated as “mature” by the ESRB. Thanks to this listing, we know the names of the protagonists (Vince Walker and Jay Holt), and some mature in-game moments such as people hanging, sexual jokes, or characters getting shot in the head by a sniper. Hence its classification as “mature”, we guess.

Be that as it may, stay tuned, we may have news soon.

Via | WhatIfGaming