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Mobile games have diversified the industry adding more layers to the traditional market. This invasion should not change the direction for the old-style games, it’s a derivate business that could attract casual gamers to the hardcore ecosystem.

Companies need a subordinate environment to create potential buyers of traditional systems and experiences, and the way to make that possible is through the mobile games. These titles give a hint about the gameplay mechanics than ordinary games could deliver to players and are offered free or under a cheap segment of prices. Publishers indirectly strengthen this division to generate future costumers for the traditional market.

Aside from that, mobile devices offer enjoyable proposals for any type of player and for any kind of budget, but some of the best mobile games are free. You can miss the chance to try the following ones:

Plants vs Zombies 2

A classic tower defense scheme designed to give preference to fast decisions and materialized in a brilliant pace. The game includes microtransactions, but includes a vastly amount of free content enough to spend a lot of hours without to pay a dime for it. Exponential fun.

Cut the rope

Half-Life 2 updated the foundations in the game industry adding a physic engine directly involved with the gameplay features. Cut the rope proposed the same formula in a simpler prop. Cut the Rope proposed to solve physics-based puzzles within a limited period of time. The game has some of the best puzzles created in the last years.


Role playing games includes statistical variables and mechanics directly derived from gambling proposals, but this stream of games add a role envelope to develop their cores. Slotomania wipe the traditional component and sticks to the point with their free slots. Interface is simple to handle and there are an ample variety of games disguised under different thematic.

Pocket League Story 2

Pixel art lovers (and football supporters) will love the second iteration of Pocket League Story 2. Football made from the office to the field. The game integrates a manager mode build over a great variety of options and includes match perfectly fitted to the gestural layouts.

pocket league 2 Best Android free games | VGLeaks 2.0