Online games were popularized because of its high definition video quality that ranges from simple text-based settings to the incorporation of virtual worlds and complex graphics, strategic and mind-blogging mechanics, and availability in numerous platforms including consoles, mobile devices, and PCs. Also, the online component’s existence in a game can differ from having minor features like an online leaderboard to being a member of core gameplay which directly plays against other gamers.

Because of its popularity, the Online Game Market Forecasts has estimated worldwide revenue of $35 billion only for the year 2017. Yet, despite the dominating number of games sold at high prices, the existence of free-to-play games is still inevitable; and for such, compiled below are some of the best free online games.

Dota 2

Unlike the games found within this link, Dota 2 is a video game that features a MOBA or a multiplayer online battle arena. This was published and developed by Valve. This game is a sequel to another well-known video game called the Defense of the Ancients, or usually abbreviated as DotA, which was a community established mod for The Frozen Throne and Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos from the Blizzard Entertainment.

Dota 2 is played between two five-player teams, with each team defending and occupying their base separated on the map. Each of the players controls their own chosen hero and collects items and experience points to level up and game more power.

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Doki Doki Literature Club!

Doki Doki Literature Club! is an American visual novel created by Team Salvato for Linux, macOS, and Mircosoft Windows. Although this was primarily distributed in, this has then become available on Steam.

The story of the game follows a male student who interacts with other four female students as he has joined his school’s literature club. The game features a cliché story that alternates endings and scenes depending on the choices decided by the player. While it first appears to be a lighthearted dating simulator, it is twistedly, in fact, a metafictional psychological horror game that breaks the fourth wall.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game that was published and developed by Niantic for the Android and iOS devices. This game is the result of the collaboration of The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and Niantic.  

Pokemon Go uses the GPS of mobile devices in training, battling, capturing, and locating virtual creatures commonly called as Pokemon. The game’s appearance creates an illusion as if the said creatures are within the player’s real-world location.


A lot of online games have established their online communities and have integrated the existence of the player’s real-life communities, as for the other social games. These have attracted gamers and players from a variety of occupations, nationalities, and ages. Additionally, because of the emergence of technology, new modern electronic systems were created giving a new vibe and delight to the people. And to find more examples and ideas regarding online games, then click here at