Horse racing is one of the world’s most popular and well-loved sports and hobbies –and for good reason too! Whether you are riding yourself or betting on the horses, it is a thrilling, exciting and mentally stimulating activity, and you can win a lot of money too if you pick the right horse. While this really cool Xbox horse riding game gives you a taste of the thrill and entertainment of horse racing from the perspective of the jockey, it is only a simulation game and therefore there is no real money at stake here. If you want to put your intuition to use and stand a chance to win real money, coral android app is a convenient and easy to use betting app that lets you bet on horse racing as well as a plethora of other sports. Today we have a look at the best Xbox horse racing game.

Champion Jockey is at the forefront of horse racing games. In fact, horse racing console games are not produced in abundance, but Champion Jockey is proving to be a very popular and successful game, especially in the Japanese market. This is a fantastic game to play if you are passionate about horse racing. The music is upbeat and well chosen for the type of game. You may think at first glance that a horse racing simulation game would be boring, but Champion Jockey is not a one dimensional game. While a major aspect of the game is the racing, it is not the only component. There are various challenges that you must complete, and when you play in career mode you have the opportunity to build a successful career for your character; helping him or her develop their skills and rise up the ranks –all the way from being a rookie jockey to the prestigious position of being a titular champ. While I did enjoy the actual racing; the long term goals that I wanted to reach in career mode was the real hook for me in this game.

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Another important aspect of the game is the horse breeding, as in order to succeed you need to breed a thoroughbred horse that is able to beat all of its competitors. You will begin to learn a lot about the different horse breeds, and what type of activities, courses and jumps each one excels at. The experimentation between breeds is a fascinating aspect of the game, and figuring out the puzzle of which horse will be the best is very rewarding –and the process is a lot of fun too!

The racing aspect of the game is definitely exciting and thrilling. The controls are pretty good, and it is a good challenge to find the right combination of techniques to get your horse to win. You need to understand their temperament and personality, as some horses will respond to lots of whipping, while others will not. You may find it difficult to control your horse at first, but I can assure you that it is a lot easier than riding a real life horse!