They are not the initial inventors of video games, but their influence on this art is so profound that they are considered the ancestors of this market. Their way of building new games is always based on known mechanics, and for this reason, it may seem that they are immobile in the creative processes from an innovative perspective, but as in, something is changing in the way of making games in Japan.

Discoveries in the gambling industry

Open worlds have gained prominence over the generations since the success of GTA 3; in Japan, open worlds were seen from a reasonable distance in the PS2-PS3 era. Perhaps Metal Gear Solid V was the first Japanese game capable of offering an intelligent open-world design and an elaborate gameplay that was more profound than meets the eye. Easy to handle but difficult to master.

Breath of the Wild is perhaps the first massive Japanese open-world, thanks to Xenoblade’s roots. This game has innovated how these open environments are presented to the player. Instead of filling the map with icons, the player must discover the world around him. A sensational design that has become a benchmark in video games. In fact, Elden Ring could not be understood without the latest Zelda.

In the next years, we will enjoy new sequels of great Japanese video game classics with open worlds. For example, Pokémon Arceus was the first test to evaluate the potential of the Pokémon franchise in an open-world design.

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Novelties for the Japanese gambling community

If you are reading this article, I understand that you are aware that things are changing all over the world. In Japan they are facing a greater cultural opening. Video games have always been closely to gambling on the island. Still, only Pachinko was allowed, you know, those machines where the new Konami games come out. For years, Japan has begun to relax its laws to admit other games that used to be totally prohibited. You can visit チェリーカジノのレビュー to verify that not everything is Pachinko. Sports betting, although initially there was a fierce debate about its implementation, is allowed in Japan right now. As I said, even hermetic gambling has evolved.

New games for the world and the universe

Do you know Forspoken? A product starred by Ella Balinska. An “isekai” that takes us to visit another world. A product that will invite us to play at high speed and with a very vertical design. It might look like a western game, but the gameplay is distinctive from Japan. Something that happens with Capcom games. Resident Evil is set in the USA and other countries. Still, the gameplay and the way the content is manipulated have the hallmark of Japan. We cannot forget Death Stranding, an arthouse game with western actors that could only have been created in Japan.

The mechanics are evolving and can be reminiscent of games from overseas. Still, no one balances the games like the Japanese creators.


Although Japan has been a rather conservative country, you and I can see how willing it is to change and how willing it is to open up to its citizens in the most famous manifestations.