Every year, the video game industry has a lot to offer. And for those true gamers among you, that often means finding out more about the latest, hottest leak and getting a bit of insider knowledge about long-anticipated games. Today, we remind ourselves of several leaks that happened in 2020. They are rightly called the biggest leaks to date, but aren’t necessarily the most important.
After all, every gamer has their own preferences and they are perfectly fine. If the following have slipped off your radar, however, you will definitely want to have a quick read through and check out what’s been happening while you have been looking the other way.

Grand Theft Auto 6’s Sequel Setting Reportedly Leaked

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the oldest and most beloved games. Developed by Rockstar Games with impeccable attention to detail, the series has become one of the best out there. GTA has not sat idly in one place either. The game has evolved, breaking away from a sandboxy, linear world and shaping itself as a free-to-explore universe of opportunities.

The profound changes that happened to the game have allowed it to really level up the experience and find new ways to impress its fanbase. One of the most memorable changes that has happened n recent years is the addition of the Diamond Casino, a fully-functional online casino integrated in the very fabric of the game.

While not many people expected the Diamond Casino to pick up, it has been one of the busiest gaming venues online. People would go out in the world of Los Santos, the fictional city where the GTA action unfolds. And now, GTA 6 is promising us a yet new and intriguing instalment in the series.

Nobody knows for sure, as the leaked materials aren’t sufficient to yet flesh out the upcoming world of GTA 6. And, in all honesty, it will be a while before we see GTA 6 hit the digital and retail shelves, as GTA V still has plenty of optimization to undergo, including a push to adapt to the next-generation consoles released this year.

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gameplay

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has everything you would expect from the genre. There are the wacky, athletic dynamics, the killer concept art, and as it turns out, Vikings, mind you! By all standards, Ubisoft’s new gem is just that – a game you would treasure long after the last few hours of intense gameplay have ended.

Yet, Ubisoft hasn’t had much luck with leaks this year, as the company spilt the beans on both gameplay and boss fights from the game. Not that the gameplay footage made anyone less inclined to purchase the game. Nevertheless, Ubisoft’s charm offensive has been all systems go in a bid to remove the last bit of digital trace of leaked footage from the Internet.

Is it bad that the game leaked? Not as much, but overall, Ubisoft loves to keep the lid tightly on its games. The Assassin’s Creed franchise is one of the most successful games of our generation and there is hardly any doubt about that. Leaking it just like that wasn’t too great, that’s for sure.

Far Cry 6, Did Ubisoft Do Another Oopsie?

Now, Ubisoft have had a rough year. Poor chaps ended up leaking Far Cry 6, in what some media described as the “worst-kept secret.” We tend to agree, as Ubisoft tends to blow both hot and cold when it comes to leak. As it turns out, some are alright whereas others you mustn’t dare share online.

Well, for all intents and purposes, Far Cry 6 is a fact and as fans of the franchise we are stoked to have the opportunity and try our hands on this one. According to the leak, the game will be up to scratch and compatible with all new platforms, including PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The game will also run on PS4 and Xbox One, which is good to know, as some new games are already discontinuing support for the old generation of platforms. In any event, Far Cry 6 is one of the biggest leaks this year and rightly one of the most anticipated games to look forward to. Are you?

Nintendo’s Source Code Leak, That’s a Big One!

Nintendo, a company known for so many exceptional titles, has suffered one of the biggest leaks in the history of the industry. Decades of source code, discarded ideas, prototypes, would-have-been games have all been leaked out to the public, causing a furor in the industry.

Have you ever wondered what it is to work in video gaming without actually working in the industry? Well, this is your shot to find out more. The Nintendo source code has a lot to tell about the entire culture and progress of the company.

While developers were startled at first and the originators of the leak have not been found yet, the story of Nintendo has become available to the public eye. Today, you can dive deep into the code or just see what has happened with some of the discarded ideas.

One thing is certain, though, this must be one of the biggest leaks the industry has seen. Thirty years of work, planning, prototyping? Yes, that’s definitely a huge deal not only for 2020 but the industry as a whole!

The Last of Us Part II, Cutscene Revealed

One of the other important leaks of the year was The Last of Us Part II. This horror story of a video game has definitely captivated fans from all over the world, and leaking some of the cutscenes wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, cutscenes are good, no matter how many times you see them and true fans of the genre will tell you as much.

In fact, if we learnt anything from the leak, that is that The Last of Us Part II is just as good as you can expect from the genre and everything we have seen so far. Big leak? Sure? An awesome one – definitely.