Bloodborne is one of the most awaited exclusives for PS4. The alliance between Japan Studio and From Software was terrifying in Demon’s Souls, so, I understand the hype for this title. There is a curious thing about Bloodborne: Sony unveiled Bloodborne at E3 14 and the title will reach the shelves in February. We could play the game just a few months later since its announcement, that’s not very usual speaking about the way Sony uses to discover their productions.

Bloodborne HOE 600x322 Bloodborne: Alpha and multiplayer details leaked | VGLeaks 2.0

Miyazaki claimed that Bloodborne would have a different multiplayer (regarding Souls games) and some aspects about this section were leaked some days ago by a Pastebin source, the same one that leaked the game months ago. Moreover, this whistleblower shared some details about the Bloodborne’s Alpha. I take on that’s not the best reliable source in the world, but this user deserves some credit after his first discovery.

Take all this info with a grain of salt.

Online Multiplayer:

Players will have choice to make early on in the game, their decision will effect multiplayer.

Decision to infect blood with to different strain of the sickness. There are rewards for choices but also downsides.

Miyazaki-san wants players to feel the fear of having a disease that could consume them, and take their life. This is a ‘hardcore’ mode for NG like a ‘permadeath’. Players must to collect blood for their Heart. If they loose Heart strength for too long, the sickness consumes them.

Players must collect Blood Vials and Blood Packs to transfuse their heart health at their Shrine.

The sickness transforms dead hunters into their worst fear.

In NG, you may become a boss later in the game if you collect enough blood to strengthen you heart.

You can summon friends via PS4 friendslist.

You can no longer use consumable item for healing if you summon friend for boss battle.

bloodborne by ned rogers d7pokca 600x287 Bloodborne: Alpha and multiplayer details leaked | VGLeaks 2.0

Convenant System:

In some covenant, the sickness is very strong and player can choose to ‘consume’ his own heart. This is a permanent choice and binds a character to the covenant permanently. You become beast, and new controls and attacks open up. Dead hunters will bind to the world when they die, their bodies becoming a regular ‘mini beast’ boss enemy within the world like Red Phantom from dark souls.

Covenant system is not finalized, but some detail I remember. There will be ‘huge beasts’ in the game. If you defeat them you have a choice to become a host for their strain of the sickness at your Shrine. You must invade other player worlds to collect blood for your beast.

In NG, The Beast heart will gets stronger from blood and other players will have to fight much harder to kill it. One beast is a giant spider, another is a giant snake.

Bloodborne Alpha:

ALPHA will be a co-op boss battle, and some simple PVP invasion covenant testing.

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