Advanced Warfare has one goal: renew the Call of Duty franchise through a more vertical approach to the action. Gamers could taste the new feeling tomorrow thanks to the Day Zero Edition of Advanced Warfare. This concrete edition will allow players to enjoy the new entry in the Activision’s saga 24 hours before the rest of buyers.

After that bald description of the game, we are going to speak about serious business: resolution and quality settings. A lucky Neo-Gaf user has had access to an early version of Advanced Warfare for PS4 and posted some pictures. The great Durante, the man behind of some resolution fixes for some PC games, analyzed those pictures and stated the following about that:

Native 1080p with ~8 pixel wide medium quality post-aa solution.

Pictures: direct link to the first picture. Direct link to the second picture.

On the other hand, the Xbox One version of Advanced Warfare was confirmed to run at 900p. I suppose 900p with the same quality in the other settings than the PS4 ver.

Anyway, tomorrow a bunch of players could check the game for themselves. Enjoy it.

Thanks, Worlds Factory.