Capcom suffered a ransomware attack in the previous days and the people responsible for the attack demanded an interesting amount of money to Capcom in order to not divulge any piece of information about the data extracted from the Japanese company. They did not give in to the demands and the data were leaked.

There are a lot of interesting information about new projects like something known internally as “Guillotine”, a multiplayer shooter called “Shield” and the release of Monster Hunter Rise on PC and Resident Evil: Village on current systems, among other pieces of info.

Directly from Resetera, there is a summary of the leak:

  • Resident Evil Village details (Current-gen release, April launch, Demo before release)
  • New multiplayer Resident Evil referred to internally as Project Highway/Village Online. It’s a Battle Royale of some sort. September 2021. (Dusk Golem says Highway was the codename for Resident Evil Resistance so ???)
  • AA Trilogy + DGS1-2 box set for PS4 and Switch Japan only
  • New project codenamed “GUILLOTINE” for Switch in February, other platforms in May
  • Unannounced project “Reiwa” in May, no platforms mentioned
  • Monster Hunter Rise on PC releasing October 2021(?). Demos for Switch in January and March
  • Monster Hunter Stories 2 on PC. Targeting June 2021 Switch/PC release. Single-player, online co-op and PvP modes. Paid DLC expansions, free post-launch co-op quests, cosmetic MTX, and amiibo support planned
  • Resident Evil 4 for Oculus VR. (Dusk Golem says this is separate from the RE4 remake project.)
  • New Shooter Multiplayer game titled “SHIELD” geared towards streamers
  • Source Code for DMC2 and Umbrella Chronicles
  • Stadia paid Capcom $10 million USD to put RE7 and RE8 on the platform. Sony paid $5 million USD for RE7 VR/timed DLC/demo exclusivity
  • Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1+2 western localization confirmed for PS4/NSW/Steam. QOL additions like trophy support and case/chapter select menus. Dual audio for Japanese release, English audio for overseas release. $40 USD price. All DLC from 3DS version included at no additional charge. PS4/NSW physical in Japan, NSW physical in NA, no physical in PAL regions. April 2021 announcement, July 2021 release
  • Ace Attorney 7 in development, originally targeted Q3 of FY 2021. AA4-6 ports under consideration, depend on the performance of other releases

Just for the record, part of the info could be outdated and could not reflect the current state of the projects.

Thanks, Resetera.